Purview - the feature (SET!!??)

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Where can I find a clear description about what Purview means.


On https://learn.microsoft.com/en-GB/azure/purview/overview it seems clearly explained, but looking a bit deeper, it confuses. For example, Microsoft Information Protection is " a component"  of Purview, so I should expect that to be referred to in an " overview"  of Purview. But Information Protections is not even named. So, is Information Protection part of a bigger part of Purview?

Also, if information protection is a component, there should be more components. So, where can I find a list of all these components?


Then, the E5 license claims Purview Information Protection is included. However, on https://m365maps.com/Microsoft%20365%20Enterprise%20-%20E5.htm there are much more " Purview"  references. But do they below to Information protection as the component, or are these separate " add-ons". So what is included? In general, it looks like Purview is pretty diverse in its price calculation. Assuming there are user-based features, like information Protection, Records Management, Data Loss Prevention, ..... But also more infrastructure/capacity related components, like data map, data catalog, ....


Hope somebody can sign a light on this




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