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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Purview Scan - Oracle Public Synonym Issues

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  • Oracle Public Synonym lineage is incomplete.  The synonym is not linked to it's actual source.
    • Viewing an instance of a synonym in Purview does not show any source lineage. 
    • Viewing a table that should be the source for synonyms does not show any lineage for the synonyms. 
    • There are oracle_synonym_source relationships but the oracle_synonym relationships are only created if the source and synonym are in the same schema and are still not reflected in the lineage view.
  • Public synonyms are replicated for every schema that is scanned and have no lineage or relationships attached.
    • This results in a large number of synonym objects getting created whenever we scan due to our systems using public synonyms.

I've found that oracle_synonyms can't be part of any direct lineage. The oracle_synonym entity type only inherits from supertypes Asset and oracle_synonym_source. Oracle_synonym_source has no supertypes. To be part of a lineage chain an entity type must be one of the objects like a Dataset, etc that has sources/sinks/inputs/outputs. So, global synonyms are never stitched to their source tables and the synonyms that do get recognized for a relationship because they are assigned to a specific schema don't get lineage. 


We are starting to work around this by coding our loader applications that get the synonym info from the source DB and set of lineage directly to the source table when we parse queries, but this can be hit or miss.


Is this a know issue and will it be addressed in the future?


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