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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Purview policy does not work for Sharepoint and OneDrive when Exchange is exempted

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Hi Team,


I am creating a simple policy to restrict external sharing of documents from M365.
Case 1: While creating the policy if I apply the scope for Sharepoint and OneDrive and exclude Exchange, the policy does not work and I am able to share documents to external addresses. 
Case 2: If i enable Exchange too in the mentioned policy, the external sharing via Sharepoint and Onedrive is restricted. However, in Purview alerts and email notification i see the service mentioned as Exchange and not Sharepoint/OmeDrive


Can you help?

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Hi, @Rohi_1993,


Thank you for posting your question here.


I understand you're having an issue with your DLP policies not working as intended for SharePoint Online (SPO) and OneDrive for Business (OD4B).


First, DLP policies can be designed to be applied to SPO and OD4B themselves, without needing Exchange Online (EXO) enabled as well so I hope to help you resolve this issue.


Would you be willing to share the configurations of your policies? You can send them through private message if you'd like.


Also, what is the method of sharing you are using? Are you attaching the files directly to the email? Or are you sharing the link to them in the email or hitting the "Share" option directly within the SPO site or file?

Hi Mike, Thank you for the response. To answer your query on how i am sharing the documents. I am using 'Share' Option directly within the SPO and share option in the file. How do i connect to you directly. I can share the configuration.

An additional input, when the exchange is also enabled. While sharing the file via Sharepoint and OneDrive , the alert generated shows 'Exchange' as the service involved.

How do i message you directly. That would be very convenient

Hi, @Rohi_1993 


Please select my username then hit "message" in the top right corner.