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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Problem connect/scan Power BI: Error: (9512) ErrorCode:(3871) Failed to enable the PowerBI...

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I feel sure I have followed the documentation but getting this error.  Confused that there are two API config items in PBI Portal




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@GedDunn I have encountered the same issue when working on this with a client and we currently have an open ticket with MS trying to get this resolved. If we get to the bottom of the issue then I will let you know the solution.

@Galgas @GedDunn This has now been confirmed as a bug and is being worked on by the product team. Once resolved and we get it working i will post an update.

@jperry_hisol very good of you to keep me updated.  I actually paid for azure support and raised my own ticket yesterday as we do want to take this seriously.  I have made them aware of this chat.  I wonder...would you mind sharing the support ticket number and i can direct my contact towards it??



@GedDunn, no problem, the ticket number is #2103310050003185
much obliged...again...will let you know anything I learn.
@GedDunn the product team have now resolved this issue, no change required at our end. We can now setup and successfully complete a scan of Power BI. Worth nothing that after the scan completes it seems to take a while for all of the metadata to be displayed in purview so to start with you see workspaces, datasets etc without any names against them. It does populate eventually though.
@jperry_hisol Yes...just run the scan and looked at the results and that is exactly what we are seeing so once again have saved me a question! I am interested, though, what you were hoping/expecting to see. I was hoping for column level show me the individual tables and columns in a dataset and where they derive from. Am I being too optimistic?
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@GetDunn That was the hope but looks like that level of detail is not currently available in Purview and we will have to wait a while to get it. There is a decent video from Simon at advancing analytics showing this on youtube:
great...confirms that i wasn't missing a secret button...just need to be patient. many thanks for your help. I am on linked in btw.