Opeing Encryption Documents other than MS Office mail account

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Hi all,


I have a Label and i have set the following configuration:



My query is, is it possible to send a document with that label set to a gmail account user or any other mail.


Or should the document be sent to only Microsoft account email users?


Any guide would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Vinay 


So, you CAN send this document to a personal email account. However, as I mentioned on a separate post of yours, because this is a user-defined label and user-defined labels cannot be opened on the web. 


So, in that scenario, the user will need to have a valid account to open the file on a desktop application like word or excel to open the file.


If you changed the label to give access to specific users/domains like in a trusted vendor scenario, that will not be a user-defined labeled and could be opened in the web app like word online.


You could use the any authenticated user option for encryption but I never recommend this option since it will allow the person you send the file to then forward the content and the new recipient, if authenticated, can open it. 

Hi @Vinay 


Just following up to see if my previous response helped your issue or if you had any follow-up questions? 



This does not work.


As i had mentioned, I have a label "Confidential - Authorised", and when i set this label to a word document, i get the following prompt:


Here, I input the gmail account of the user to whom i want to send the document.


When the user receive the mail, download the document and try to open the document, he cant open.  He is being asked a Microsoft account.


So in such situation what should be done?

Any hint?




Hi @Vinay 


Sorry for the confusion, that is what I meant about needing a valid account to open the file in the desktop application. You can have a valid Microsoft account for desktop applications that is the same as your personal email account.


Or, the users will need to be added as external users in your Azure AD Tenant and can then leverage office on the web within your tenant to open the content. Here are some links detailing this.


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