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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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No lineage with costum defined types in Purview

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To better understand costum lineage, I made following very simple model:


#create a simple custom table, which only inherits from DataSet

custom_type_table = EntityTypeDef(


    superTypes=["DataSet"], #inherit from DataSet

    serviceType="Test Model", #the bigger group



#create a simple custom process, which only inherits from process

custom_type_process = EntityTypeDef(


    superTypes=["Process"], #nherit from Process

    serviceType="Test Model", #the bigger group



#upload the entity defenitions


    entityDefs=[custom_type_table, custom_type_process],




ae = AtlasEntity("Table", "DataSet","companyname://server/Table", guid=-1)

ae_costum = AtlasEntity("CostumTable", "costum_table","companyname://server/CostumTable", guid=-2)


aptf = AtlasProcess("Table_Measures",





                    guid = -3



aptf_costum = AtlasProcess("CostumTable_Measures",





                    guid = -4



res = client.collections.upload_entities( [ae, ae_costum, aptf, aptf_costum], "tttttt")



Lineage for the costum case doesn’t show up, for the normal case it does.

Even without the processes, if we just look at the table, the DataSet one has a lineage tab, whereas the inherited DataSet entytype has none.

Something I find very strange. Do you have an explanation for this? How can lineage with costum types be acchieved?


Thanks in advance

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