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New Blog Posts | Azure Purview at Spring Ignite 2021




Azure Purview at Spring Ignite 2021 - Microsoft Tech Community

Author: Gaurav Malhotra 

The reception to Azure Purview since launch has been tremendous! We are thrilled to announce that over 14.5 Billion data assets were discovered by customers across their hybrid environments! And today, we are happy to announce that we have some great new features to help our customers do more with Azure Purview.


Discover and govern your data in AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) with Azure Purview - Microsoft Tech...

Author: Oded Bergman

At the launch in early December, we gave you a sneak peek of the ability to manage multicloud data sources with Azure Purview. Today, I'm happy to announce, that you can now use Azure Purview to discover, manage and govern data residing in Amazon Web Services S3, in public preview.


Organize Business glossary terms using hierarchies. - Microsoft Tech Community

Author: Naga Yenamandra

Azure Purview aims to enable effortless discovery of data by data consumers from across the organization. But for data consumers to meaningfully reason over the data, it must be consistently defined. This is where a business glossary can help.


Manage data sources at scale with Azure Purview: Azure Multiple Source registration and scans - Micr...

Author: Vishal Anil

At the Azure Purview launch, we announced the ability to register and scan individual sources. At Ignite, we announced that we are now making it even easier to register and scan your Azure data at scale, with the Azure multiple source registration feature, now in public preview. This capability allows you to register an entire Azure subscription or resource group in Azure Purview.


Purview now supports Non-Microsoft sources - Teradata, Oracle DB, SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC - Microsof...

Author: Kavya Chandra

Azure Purview expands on the Non-Microsoft Connectors supportability. In addition to the numerous Azure sources supported today, customers can now register and scan from various databases like Teradata and Oracle. Azure purview also supports ERP sources like SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC.


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