Microsoft Purview DLP policy push takes 24 hours to reflect

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There are some scenarios where label and label policy changes can take effect much faster or be longer than 24 hours.

is there a way we can enforce policy to be pushed immediately, lets say a powershell command? 


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Hi, @securityxpert1122,


I understand the delay in policy deployment can be discouraging but there is no way to make this a faster process. It is pushed out to all users the change is applied to as fast as possible, but this can take a fair amount of time, as you know.


There could be things causing slower than average rollout time, such as a poor connection for that user or something like having users that leave their applications running 24x7 so a scheduled restart can help with this. You should usually be able to expect that if you enable a policy at close of business on Monday, most if not all users should see that change by close of business on Tuesday.