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Label permissions

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I'm going on the implementation of a few sensitive labels. I want to block the possibility of the users that consume the documents labeled to change the applied label. I verified that If I don't allow the permission export content, the users can not downgrade the label. It means that if I applied a label to a document, only me have the possibility to change the label. Correct me if I'm wrong please.

Question: If the user that initially applied the label leave the company, and if we want to change the label to the company document,  what will be the best procedure ?

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You could need to set the permission controls on the label so the intended users wouldn't be able to change the labels. When configuring the label settings you could change the group that can have overall access to it. If the end user leaves you will always have super admin access to decrypt the content.
You could also consider using the auto label server side methods to keep the labels in check. Rather than manually changing labels.
Thank you do much Graham. Yep, I see what you mean.