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Apr 03 2024, 07:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
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Is there a way to evaluate Purview on a budget?

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I have started a Purview evaluation using my Azure developer budget. After 5 days my budget runs empty with this approach. Is there a way to evaluate and showcase Purview that fits into the developer budget? Or is there a ways to put Purview to sleep so that I can run it a few hours per month without creating costs while asleep which would fit into my budget?

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I experienced the same :p so I will be interested to know as well how to test purview without spending too much on it
If you are in a budget, there are few things you can do to reduce costs.
1. Try to keep data sources as much as possible.
2. Make sure the data source is LRS type and also not SSD or premium SSD
3. Make sure the data estate insight generation is set to manual and not automatic
4. More you scan, more you will be charged (Not much)
5. If you are not using Event Hubs, Data Factories, Azure Synapse with purview then dont connect them
6. If you are running an on prem server in a VM, then turn it off when not in use