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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Is Microsoft Purview right for us?

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Hi. I work for a small business with about 10-15 remote workers and 3 servers and at least 5 VM. We are wanting to implement DLP and and run vulnerability assessment and penetration tests. We currently have Office 365 and I just found Microsoft Purview while I was investigating ways we could approach (and accomplish) implementation of DLP and VAPT. Would Microsoft Purview be something that could help us do this? 

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I will suggest that Purview has a lot of power if your data is primarily on OneDrive and Sharepoint or you plan on moving there.

I've used on-prem based DLP solutions and they add a lot of complexity to DLP and data protection architectures.

Likely you'll always have an on-prem component to any DLP solution but once your data is in the cloud DLP is a very powerful tool that no company should do without.

Licensing is also a big decider.

Once your organization is serious about DLP it can make the difference to move to an E5 license.

If this is a factor then you have to broaden your perspective and understand the big list of security tools you get with E5. The interesting thing about going E5 with a small business is it's likely a simple calculation of cost! eg. $50 x users (per month).