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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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How to Identify New Addition or Changed data in Purview

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Hello All, 


Situational question: Lets say I have set up my periodic scans for ADLS Gen 2 registered data source in Purview. I am aware there are Full Scans and Incremental Scans in Purview. Let's say the scan is run and it registers 200 assets. Now in the next run, it finds 230 assets. So there are 30 additional assets plus there might be some updated assets in the original list as well. 


Currently I don't see an option to view only the additions or changes in incremental periodic scan. Plus what would help is a sticker or a way to visually see (using search functionality) which assets got added due to latest scan. 


There may be different use cases for this. 

1. For new discovered assets, there might be a need to add contact details

2. For new discovered assets, business definitions or glossary terms might need to be added etc.


Is there a way to exactly find newly added/discovered assets from a scan ?

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@MK2022To get a quick response, you may want to post this question in StackOverflow.