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How to auto-label based on trainable classifier?

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Hey there.

I have created a custom trainable classifier and I would like to auto-label Sharepoint files based on it.

However, I've been unable to find out where I can select the trainable classifier. I see no option in the label settings or the label and auto-label policy.


Does anybody know?


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Hi @Olf,


Here are the steps to use Trainable Classifier in Auto-labeling policy


  1. Navigate to (Compliance portal --> Information Protection --> Auto-labeling)
  2. In the Auto-Labeling page click +Create auto-labeling policy IsmKay_0-1683304753864.png
  3. Select "Custom" from Categories then "Custom policy" from Templates and click Next
  4. Give a name and description and click Next
  5. Select Admin units if you are using this feature and click Next
  6. Choose locations where you want to apply the label and click Next
  7. Set up common or advanced rules depending on your desired configuration and click Next
  8. Click +New rule and give  name and description and click +Add condition


  9. Select Content contains then Add and select Trainable classifiers


  10. select the one you have created and click Add
  11. Review the conditions and Exceptions and click Save and click Next
  12. Choose a label to auto apply and click Next
  13. Review the Additional settings for email and click Next
  14. Select Policy mode and click Next
  15. Review your policy and click Create policy

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Thanks and kind regards