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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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How do you examine AIP Scanner On Premises results for False Positive Rate

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We are currently in the process of deploying the AIP Scanner to scan (discover and label) our on premises Nasuni file shares. Leadership has asked if there is a way to determine the false positive rate of the files returned as labeled by the scanner. 


I know that the way to do it for M365 locations is to use things like the Content Explorer with Content Viewer permissions. However, there is no On-Premises location in the Content Explorer. Is there a workaround that people have been using?



Luke Fisher

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Hi @Luke_Michael_Fisher 
We face the same issue with on-prem location scans. We can see "scanner action-events" but no inventory data in content explorer. The product should provide an actual inventory view with on-prem locations as originally stated see this Blog , unfortunately the original link below is not available anymore.
"All files detected by the AIP_Onprem_scanner via the ‘Discover’ event will be showcased in the Content explorer under two new on-premises locations: File Share and SharePoint Server."
More info: " Preview date: January CY2022


I'd be curious if anyone here can see up2date on-prem inventory locations in Purview Content Explorer? Any hints on how to achieve this?

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