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How classification rules work with xls-files stored in blob storage

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How does the data pattern and column pattern and the distinct and match criteria apply to xls-files stored in blob storage. It will be helpful to have an example of how to regex the filename for classification and an example for file content.

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Hi @ChandruS , do you have any further information on how classification rules work with xls-files? 

Hi @ChandruS , is there any further documentation on how this works? 

Hi @DebbieH,


Classification rules are applied based on the RegEx pattern using data pattern and/or column pattern. 


Distinct match threshold is the total number of "distinct data values" that need to be found in a column before the scanner runs the data pattern on it. Minimum match threshold is the minimum percentage of data value matches in a column that must be found by the scanner for the classification to be applied.


Relevant documentation:




Hi @AniMukherjee ,


Thank you. We are trying to understand what is classified as data and as a column in an xls file?

Hi @DebbieH,


Currently, we don't provide details on what's classified as data and as a column in a file. We will keep this requirement in mind as part of future improvement.