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Export PST to Blob Storage

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Hi all,


I do export to PST for users that leave our company to archive their mailboxes for some time... I use Content Search to export emails to PST. Then I have a blob storage that I want to use to store those PSTs. 


Wondering, is there a way to export or copy those PSTs to Blob storage directly from Purview? Or the only way is to download it to local computer and then upload to blob storage.




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Hi @sumo83,

unfortunately, there is no direct way to export PSTs from Purview to Blob Storage. The only way is to download it to a local computer and then upload it to Blob Storage.

For that, ou can use Azure Storage Explorer, AzCopy, or programmatically use Azure SDKs to upload the PST files to Azure Blob storage.

If you're using Azure Storage Explorer, open it, connect to your Azure account, navigate to the appropriate Blob container, and use the upload feature to transfer the PST files.

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Leon Pavesic


that's shame :) ... I don't mind to download/upload using azure storage explorer... However, I've just tried to download my 1st exported pst today and was showing it will take more than 1 day... so was wondering whether there is a way to "skip" local download...

anyway, thanks for info.