Does blocked email gets quarantined in Purview DLP?

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When we create the DLP Policy by targeting exchange online, with sensitive information types as condition and action is to block whenever it finds the sensitive data in mail or attachment.


Does the block action quarantines the mail? 



Afsar Shariff

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Hi @Afsar_Shariff 


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No, the block that is being set is actually blocking the message from being sent. If the can completes in time, the user won't actually be able to hit the send button.


If the user hits the send button before scanning completes, the system will not let the message leave your Exchange environment until scanning completes. If a match is found, it will be redirected back to the individuals you set in the "User notifications" portion of the rule.




Not correct, it might supposedly do that, but in the new Outlook and on OWA i can repeatedly get the notification, but when i bush the send button it sends the mail and i receive it in the teat mailbox(gmail) i do get the notification mail from the system, but the mail still gets sent.
So is that a bug? or how do we fix that?

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