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Document Access Permissions (outside of own M365 environment)

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Can Purview be leveraged to revoke access to a document from our M365 environment that was inadvertently shared to another organization and now resides in their M365 environment? I believe sensitivity labels follow a document in the metadata but not sure if the ability to manage access crosses organizational boundaries? If that makes sense?




Luke F. 

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I recommend checking out this article. This would the labels apply encryption but you can revoke access, even if it is another tenants storage. Your organization, because your label set the rights management on the file through the labels encryption settings, still own the rights management settings on the file and you can revoke access to the file.

Track and revoke access - Azure Information Protection | Microsoft Learn


There's also a web portal to track and revoke.

AIP Document Tracking (



Thanks for these links and the information! Very helpful Mike.