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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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DLP rule - Document Property is: 'ComplianceTag:\0'

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Is an expression like the one below supported by the "Document Property Is" condition when setting a DLP Policy in Purview? I'm trying to set a rule that applies a DLP alert to files in SharePoint that do not have a retention label applied to them. 


Would using the null character regex work for this?


Document Property is:



Alternatively, is it possible to set a rule when a document property does NOT contain something?

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Trying this too: '-ComplianceTag:*'
What is the action that you are looking for that DLP needs to act upon?

Is it on saving the data on a specific location? or sending the data to an recipient?
It's sending incident reports to an administrator. So far, nothing received, so it's not working. Other DLP policies which include a policy tip are working as expected but the conditions for those policies are not trying to match the "document property is" condition with a null value. So, I think the problem is either 1) I have the wrong syntax for matching null values or 2) null values are not supported.

@vicwingsingGrouping all possible letters and numbers into a NOT group worked. I'm receiving the alerts now.