DLP policy to detect metadata property of document

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Hello Everyone.


I would like to know whether is it possible to create a DLP rule which detects based on Metadata? if yes, what is that option that i need to make use of ? Is that Document Property Type option ?





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Hi @Afsar_Shariff 


Yes, you would want to use the Property Type condition for the policy to look for file metadata.

Hi Miller,

Do you have any sample policy for the above property type condition? Thank you for your support.

Hi @Afsar_Shariff 


I do not have a sample policy at this time but you will need to use the "Document Property is" condition to protect the file based on the metadata of the file, which you need to the GUID details of that property.


This condition is only available in DLP policies that are targeted at:

Exchange Online

SharePoint Online

OneDrive for Business

On-Premises Files