Discover your Amazon S3 data with Azure Purview


Azure Purview allows you to explore your data across clouds in one unified solution, by scanning and classifying data from various data storage services, including Amazon S3.


Do you have data stored in Amazon S3 buckets? Amazon S3 scan is now in private preview. Would you like to evaluate it, get visibility to your data and share your feedback?

Register here for the private preview program. It’s your chance to influence the Azure Purview product.

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That's really good to know

Hi @OdedBergman ,


Please could you advise whether the S3 add-on for Purview is also able to scan and label images and PDFs? I saw that "unstructured" data is mentioned on the following page:


We are exploring options to scan unstructured data in S3 and noted that the OCR preview functionality does not extend to S3 as a storage location, currently. Curious to know to what file types are supported for scanning and labelling via the S3 add-on.


Thank you,