Data Lineage Not Showing despite creating ADF connection

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I've been experimenting with the recently launched Azure Purview service. I followed the steps mentioned in the documentation for creating an Azure Data Factory connection in the Management Center (image attached). However, even after creating the ADF connection, data lineage was not visible for my datasets. Furthermore, Azure Data Factory was not showing in the Browse Assets section.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue, or are there any additional steps apart from the ones mentioned in the documentation?

Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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@SushantBindra When you register a Data Factory instance, you will only see the lineage of pipelines that run after the connection occurs. Also ensure that your catalog has registered the source/sink as scans.


What ADF activity are you not able to see and what are the sources/sinks?


Hey @DanielPerlovsky!

Thanks a lot! The data lineage for the datasets became visible after I ran the ADF pipeline. ADF also showed up in the assets section.

To summarize (for future help-seekers on the same issue): After creating the ADF connection in the Management Center, re-run that ADF pipeline. Until you re-run the ADF pipelines, data lineage will not be visible.

Once again, thanks @DanielPerlovsky for the quick response!