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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Azure purview + power FULL PBI tenant scan + restrictions & confidentiality on front exposition

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Hi All


I would like to know  please,  if after a FULL Power BI tenant scan (backend)  , it exists a restrictions/confidentiality / isolations   mechanism  for frontend consumers ? 


Exp  : Gucci  Purview consumers only see Gucci  Workspaces  catalog data       

etc. ...


If  yes,  do we  need  to play with :

Several PBI  resources  based  FULL  tenant scan +  each time a  WS list ?

AND  Several collections based  these different PBI  resources


Exp : A Gucci pbi  collection is linked to  a PBI  Gucci  resources


OR other method please to deal with data isolations
Exp : Only one full pbi scan scan &   several collections based WS filters ... ?  

Have a good end of the year fiesta

Thanks a lot for any advise 

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Hi It sounds this feature doesn't still exist Use case : On Microsoft Purview FRONT a restriction mechanism for Power BI metatada Example : Marco for Airfrance-HR security group can only see HR PBI WS ;>) Power BI backend is a full scan (All Workspaces)
At the moment Purview can only do a full scan of your Power BI tenant. Currently the only thing you can exclude is personal workspaces.
With some customers we worked around this by using the API to move certain assets to different collections which can have different security applied.
I expect that scoped scan will be possible in the future, but when , still remains to be seen.
Hi Minettes
Great thanks for this precision
Data-galaxy & Atlan create connections to X WS
& not a full scan like purview
Then on these tools you have : Gucci connection with 12 WS
Ford connection with 23 WS

& each connection is linked to a FRONT access
A front service with particular accesses & roles

On purview semantic do you please call the FRONT access a collection ?

If you don’t follow Data galaxy & Atlan , and want to realize full tenant WS scans , please offer on FRONT several collections(one by Maison) with several WS inside
I am not very familiar with Atlan or Galaxy but it sounds like a "front" is like a persona specific landing page?
Purview doesn't currently have that, but you can limit what will be displayed to your user by giving them access to only relevant collections.
However, for that to work, you need to scan assets into the collection you wish to map to a certain user group. A collection is not really the same as a "front" rather a group of assets that will have the same security permissions applied.
I hope this helps :)
Thanks a lot Minettes
Has helped me a lot

Totally agree with you

FRONT is just exposition & we need to manage persona access (confidentiality) via backend collections for purview .. or RLS for power BI
I also noted MS is working on API , around how to add specific PBI assets (WS list?) on particular collections
FIAT_collection , FORD_collection etc …
Will be great this day ....