Automatic Guest User Enrollment in Azure AD when sending encrypted doc through Exchange

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We have a scenario where we want to send out encrypted document to external user outside organization that is currently not added in our tenant as a GUEST user. From the documentation, I found a link for automatic user registration/enrollment as a Guest if document is shared through Sharepoint or OneDrive (SharePoint and OneDrive integration with Azure AD B2B)


Is there any reference documentation or assistance how we can get automatic guest enrollment if sending out encrypted document through Exchange?


Any help will be appreciated.




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@miller34mike any suggestions how we can address this scenario?
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Hi, @FahadAhmed,


I don't have any images this time to share but this article will be your best starting point in my opinion. Unfortunately, this isn't a "simple fix" or easy solution, but it is something that will require some planning and needs to be well thought out ahead of time. Hopefully this link helps you.


Azure AD configuration for content encrypted by Microsoft Purview Information Protection | Microsoft...

Thanks @Mike, having the MIP/AIP in exclusion in conditional access policies worked .