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I am working on a custom build to load an old version of MySQL into Purview (connector doesn't accept older versions of MySQL).  


In doing so, I can create a server entity as well as a Database entity.  However, figuring out how to create the relationship between the two is proving a little difficult.  I would assume I have to put the relationship on the child(database) to the parent(server) since I assume everything is built top down.  But I'm not finding great instructions on how to code that in the json Body of the request.


Appreciate if there are any additional detailed documentation on format of the json in these requests, or possibly even understanding a data model.  I'm not sure if I have to create a new entity of type relationship....maybe?

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found the following:

Was able to fumble through and get it to work.

While I have figured out relationships, I think, it's not looking correctly in Purview.  We have too old of a version of MySQL to auto ingest, so I'm manually building the DB within Purview.  While I have entities connected, it doesn't look like they are connected correctly which is obvious when I browse them in Purview.  The image below is what the navigation SHOULD be like: 


However, custom building through API's, I can only find the Child objects from Server to DB to table by looking at the Properties tab of each one and looking at Related Assets, what am I missing?