Modify at scale annotations and contacts for data assets using bulk edit capabilities.

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Azure Purview is unified data governance solution to maximize the business value of data. Using Azure Purview, you can create an up-to date Data Map using automated metadata discovery including technical metadata and classifications. The metadata can then be further enriched with AI-powered classifiers, associated with business glossary terms and specify experts and data owners. This process, essentially, makes data more trustworthy and valuable to data consumers across the organization. 


In order to help you streamline this process even further, we recently launched the capability for Azure Purview to bulk edit data assets at scale. In just a few clicks, you can now prepare a list of the data assets to be edited and then modify classifications, terms, experts as well as owners for the selected list with a single action.


How does it work?


Step 1: Prepare a list of data assets to be bulk-edited.

You can prepare the list either by searching on the assets and selecting them in search result page or doing to the asset details view and selecting the same.



Figure1: Screenshot showing selection of assets in search result page



Figure 2: Screenshot showing selection of asset in asset detail page.


Step 2: Once the list is ready click on “View selected” to review the list and remove any data asset which is accidentally added to the list.




Figure 3: Screenshot showing "View selected" blade.


Step 3: Click on "Bulk edit"  to add/replace/remove classifications, glossary terms, experts or owners to the list with a single action.




Figure 4: Screenshot showing all the annotations and contacts which will be applied to the list.


Get started today:

  • Learn more on how to bulk edit assets here


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