Better together: Register your Azure Synapse workspace in Azure Purview for at scale governance

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Azure Purview now supports registering your Azure synapse workspace as a data source. You can scan all the Dedicated and Serverless SQL databases within your workspace in a matter of a few clicks. You can also choose to scan your Synapse workspace under a subscription or resource group data source that you have already registered.


Setting up authentication to enumerate resources within your Synapse workspace


Navigate to the Resource group or Subscription that the Synapse workspace is in, in the Azure portal and select Access Control (IAM) from the left navigation menu. You must be owner or user access administrator to add a role on the Resource group or Subscription. Select +Add button and set the Reader Role and enter your Azure Purview account name (which represents its MSI) under Select input box. Follow the same steps as above to also add Storage blob data reader Role for the Azure Purview MSI on the resource group or subscription that the Synapse workspace is in.


Now, navigate to your Synapse workspace, and under the Data section, click on one of your Serverless SQL databases. Click on the ellipses icon and start a New SQL script. Add the Azure Purview account MSI (represented by the account name) as sysadmin on the serverless SQL databases by running the command below in your SQL script:



ALTER SERVER ROLE sysadmin ADD MEMBER [PurviewAccountName];


You must also set up authentication on your Dedicated and Serverless databases to run scans on them. To learn how, read our full documentation here.


Register and scan your Azure Synapse data source


You can register all your Azure Synapse Analytics (multiple) workspaces.




You can set up scans on your Synapse workspace using our secure credential mechanism for authentication.




You can also select a scan rule set and set up a schedule for your scans.


Once your scan completes successfully, you can navigate to source details to view all relevant information pertaining to that source and its scans.






And you can discover assets along with their metadata, schema, and classifications because of these scans on your Synapse workspace, via the Purview catalog.




Get started today! 

Read our full documentation here today!

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