Your files, your way- The team behind OneDrive Files On-Demand

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Files On-Demand file statesFiles On-Demand file states

The building of OneDrive Files On-Demand has required a deep collaboration between the Windows and OneDrive engineering teams. From the start, the goal of engineering has been to make Files On-Demand an intuitive, secure and easy to use feature for our users.


Join us and get a peek behind the code with members of the engineering teams that brought this highly anticipated feature to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.


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We have 20,000+ students and staff who roam around 4,000 Win10 PCs across our campuses.  We'd like to use Files-On-Demand with their OneDrive for Business to provide them with an 'on-premise like feel (File Explorer/file dialog access etc), but without it downloading a copy of the file onto the client when opened (an 'always cloud'), to eliminate the security and client storage space issues that caching the user's data on the local client presents.

Is a non-caching 'always cloud' option on the roadmap, or already possible? 


Thanks :)

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