OneDrive Roadmap Roundup – January 2020

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Happy new year! Welcome to the first roadmap round up of 2020.

We celebrated some top moments at Ignite’19 in November and are proud to be rolling out some of those exciting announcements.  

Here is the latest and greatest that landed in production in the month of January 2020.

  • Support for migrating OneNote via KFM
  • Conditional access for macOS
  • Single sign on for macOS
  • Reply to an Office comment from Outlook using actionable messages
  • Update to email notifications for shared content
  • Default to People with Existing Access on a per-site basis

Support for migrating OneNote via KFM
Roadmap ID: 49421


The most awaited feature is finally here! We have now enabled migrations of local OneNote notebooks to OneDrive via PC folder backup (Known Folder Move).

Onenote KFM.png


Users with local OneNote notebooks will now have their OneNote’s automatically backed up as a part of the PC Folder Backup move. You can continue saving files to the folders they are familiar with as well as have access to their files in these important Windows folders from anywhere.



Conditional access for macOS
Roadmap ID: 16636


OneDrive for Mac now respects conditional access for policies such as forced Multi-Factor Authentication, location-based IP range filtering, and device compliance (as managed by Azure Intune).

Devices that do not fulfill the conditional access requirements will not be able to sync content.

This feature is currently in Public Preview and will soon be Generally Available.



Single sign on with Office for macOS
Roadmap ID:  59235


The OneDrive sync client now shares credentials between the rest of the Office suite on macOS.

Accounts that have been signed into Office will now be a selectable option in OneDrive when adding a new account, allowing a user to setup without prompting for password and credentials. Similarly, accounts that have been signed into OneDrive will be available in the Office applications to sign in with.

This feature is currently in Public Preview and will soon be Generally Available.



Update to email notifications for shared content

Roadmap ID: 53036


We are always working towards improving OneDrive and Outlook integration for better user experience. We have now standardized the email notification templates to reflect consistency across products along with adding file previewer thumbnails and activity details.


Reply to an Office comment from Outlook using actionable messages

Roadmap ID: 60807


With this update you will be able to save time and collaborate faster with comment and context previews in @mention and comment emails. This implies, when using Outlook, you'll be able to reply to the comments without even needing to leave Outlook.


Reply to the comments within Outlook.Reply to the comments within Outlook.


Default to People with Existing Access on a per-site basis

Roadmap ID: 60335


Prior to this change, OneDrive and SharePoint Administrators could choose either "Anyone", "People in my organization", or "Specific People" when setting the default sharing link on a per-site basis.


We are adding "People with Existing Access" as a new default option. So now when you share or copy a link, you will be able to receive an existing access link that does not change the permissions on the item.

Additional link types are still available in “Link Settings” if needed, and this update does not change any existing default settings.


This feature is initially configurable via PowerShell but will be customizable in the modern SharePoint Admin Center in the future.


Learn more and stay engaged

As you can see, we continue to evolve OneDrive as a place to access, share, and collaborate on all your files in Office 365, keeping them protected and readily accessible on all your devices, anywhere.


You can stay up-to-date on all things via the OneDrive Blog and take advantage of end-user training resources on our Office support center.


Thank you again for your support of OneDrive. We look forward to your continued feedback on UserVoice and hope to connect with you at Ignite or another upcoming Microsoft or community-led event.


Thanks for your time reading all about OneDrive,

Ankita Kirti – Product Manager – OneDrive | Microsoft


@Ankita Kirti, any updates on when we can have up to 100 GB files in OneDrive for Business? 

New Contributor

I am a free OneDrive user that has 5GB + 10GB referrals. In total, I have 15GB of OneDrive storage space. I am looking for a Microsoft OneDrive update where free OneDrive users like me will get to earn a permanent OneDrive of bonus space of +50GB for free.


Microsoft is very unfair to his free OneDrive customers when it comes to storage space. OneDrive storage space for free users (free plan) is too limited, and is unfair to us these days. I hope that this year, Microsoft will do us all a favour for free OneDrive users to upgrade the free OneDrive plan from 15GB to +50GB free storage, which totals up to 65GB of total storage.


Anyone reading this post, please share and spread the word so that Microsoft can make the right decision of giving a permanent free OneDrive bonus of +50GB to free OneDrive users.



Occasional Visitor
Very interesting and exciting features ahead. Thanks MS for taking it forward. Long time MS user.. always excited to find new and next gen experience on your products. Keep rocking.
New Contributor

Yes, that's true that my suggestion was very interesting.


Microsoft OneDrive Department Team must be more favourable by adding another permanent free bonus of +50GB of OneDrive storage. The current maximum of 15GB plan is good but not enough for free users who wants to (only just) have more storage space free of charge. Microsoft must add this free plan as soon as possible.

Occasional Visitor

Any word on resolving the OneNote issue that prevents using the OneNote Clipper?  See...


... which says, "If Items Count is greater than 20,000 and File Type = false or HTML File Type = false, then you need to bring the item count in the document library to under 20,000. You can do this by moving items out of the document library to a different storage location (such as another user or group's OneDrive). You can also delete the items that are not required anymore."


This is silly, given 1 TB of data in a Business Account.  Is anyone working on this, or will the "Support for migrating OneNote via KFM" somehow resolve this issue?  


- Jim Marks


@James_Marks@Andrey Esipov any inputs here?

New Contributor

I have seen the link you gave me about the 100GB file upload limit, but that does not give me any addition bonus of OneDrive storage space. What I am asking for is for Microsoft to create a free addition bonus plan that would offer a permanent free +50GB of OneDrive storage space that is available for free basic OneDrive users to claim when they reach a certain milestone. For example, 100,000 Bing Reward points or a certain number of files saved on their OneDrive accounts. Something like that would be so cool and would please all basic OneDrive users that use the service for free.

Occasional Contributor


@Eric Starkerdidn't mean to go off topic. Thanks for the Round-up for Jan 2020. Looking forward to seeing additional updates in the coming months.


Senior Member

@Cesare_Vesdani8 Here is where you want to leave your suggestion.

Community Manager

Thanks @Christopher Jack.


Yes, folks, please keep comments relevant to the content of this particular blog post and avoid wandering off-topic. Thank you. 

Occasional Visitor

I am impressed with the plan and the development.   Would like to see some more basic functions fixed, like the one referred to above about the inability to use the Clipper, which keeps me tethered to Evernote.  Also, does anyone know if OneNote will restore the ability to restore the "tabs" (above) instead of the sections (on the left)?  Really takes up too much real estate.   I see nothing about this on the Plan.  


Thanks to Microsoft for keeping this going, and for being so transparent in the process. 

New Contributor

I am impressed with Microsoft's plan too, but I would like to get a permanent +50GB of OneDrive storage space as a free basic user. I am a OneDrive basic user, so I would like Microsoft to add a 50GB bonus of OneDrive storage that can be claimed by achieving a high milestone with Bing Rewards. I already suggested that, so please do not ignore my request.

Community Manager

@Cesare_Vesdani8 You have posted your exact same suggestion four times in the same thread now, which is off-topic of the original post as per our code of conduct. 


You've been warned via private message and this is your final (and public) warning. Please note general product suggestions (especially ones unrelated to this blog post) are best put in the OneDrive UserVoice

New Contributor


Occasional Visitor

@Eric Starker I'm sure your warned the wrong Cesare . Hope your final (and public) warning is of no consequence for my account.

Community Manager

@Cesare Auteri Sorry about that, I did tag the wrong person. I've edited my previous message to reflect the correct recipient.

Senior Member

Any word on this feature? "Reply to an Office comment from Outlook using actionable messages"


Hi @Christopher Jack,


We are rolling out this feature in two phases. We just finished rolling out the ability to see the comment text & context in the mail and we'll rolling out the final pieces in the few months. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

Occasional Visitor

Face recognition is a top and must have feature. This is really lacking in the offering. There are comments on the subject since 2016 however Microsoft didn't provide this feature. This featture will really improve onedrive capabilites and allow user to build album and really manage pictures. Can you please let us know when this will be available?

New Contributor

Face recognition for OneDrive would be a great feature, but would it be necessary? I guess that OneDrive could use an account picture like a local account or Microsoft account. That way, face recognition for OneDrive would be put to good use.

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