New Capabilities for OneDrive Announced Today at SharePoint Conference North America

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Today at the SharePoint Conference North America, streamed as the SharePoint Virtual Summit, we announced new innovations for OneDrive (much of it based on your UserVoice feedback) that will make sharing and working together with inside and outside of your organization even easier.


 These features will be rolling out over the next few months so we encourage you to track the release dates via our Office 365 Roadmap page.


Let’s look at the highlights from today:

First class scan and photos experiences on mobile

  • New scan experience - We have made the built-in scan functionality in the OneDrive mobile app easier to access by adding a dedicated icon in the tab bar. It’s simple to add multiple pages, annotate, and change the file name or destination folder right in the capture experience.

 Mobile Scan ExperienceMobile Scan Experience

  • Camera upload support in OneDrive for Business- A very popular request in our UserVoice community, we are excited to announce automatic uploads for photos and videos captured to local camera roll on iOS and Android.

Camera Upload for OneDrive for BusinessCamera Upload for OneDrive for Business

Powerful, secure sharing and collaboration

  • Password protected links - We are adding the ability to set and require a password when you share a file or folder with other people. This will prevent others from accessing your files if your intended recipient accidentally forwards or shares the link. Of course, password protecting links are not needed if you use our secure external sharing.

Password Protected Link- SenderPassword Protected Link- Sender

Password Protected Links- ReceipantPassword Protected Links- Receipant

  • Block download - We are adding the ability to prevent users from downloading files shared via view-only links. This enables you to share Office documents in the cloud while preventing people from keeping offline copies.

Block DownloadBlock Download

Seamless deployment and onboarding

  • Known folder move - This capability will allow administrators to move known folders from their PC including Documents, Desktop, and Pictures to OneDrive. This includes support for initial account configuration as well as post-deployment migration.

Known Folder MoveKnown Folder Move

  • Team site automount - This feature offers administrators the ability to automatically connect and synchronize specific SharePoint team sites as part of a OneDrive deployment or upgrade process.

Consistent High-Value Controls

  • External sharing reports - This feature will offer site administrators the ability to see all files on their site that are shared, including via anonymous links or secure external sharing This report can be exported into Excel or Power BI so you can filter and analyze sharing usage and patterns of your end users. These reports can also be imported to third-party management and security software.

External Sharing ReportExternal Sharing Report

  • Customization of sharing emails - Administrators will be able to brand the outgoing sharing emails to recipients with their company logo. Note, this functionality will require Azure Active Directory Premium P1.

Custom Email BrandingCustom Email Branding

  • Transfer ownership for deleted users - Currently when a user leaves an organization the ownership of their OneDrive files is transferred to her or his manager. Administrators will soon have the ability to transfer the ownership to any individual in the organization.

As we shared this week, your votes on our user voice site helps to drive many of our features and functionality. In addition to Camera Upload for OneDrive for Business announced above, support of external storage cards on Android devices was another top ask released earlier this month. We encourage you to visit the OneDrive UserVoice site and add or upvote new features you care about.


uservoice requestuservoice requestuservoice requestuservoice request

We wanted to give a huge thanks this week to our great customer and host resort for the SharePoint Conference North America, MGM Resorts International. MGM Resorts is rolling out Office 365 across their 77,000 global employees including moving to OneDrive, improving productivity, data governance and saving the company $750,000 in annual 3rd party licensing costs. Check out the full case study here.


Finally, we also had time to sit down with Jeff Teper and members of his engineering leadership team this week to discuss these new features as well as all the announcements for SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, and Stream at the conference. Watch for those video interviews on this blog starting next week.


Thanks again and make sure to check out the keynote on demand in case you missed it!


-The OneDrive Team

New Contributor

Known Folder Move? Fantastic! 


Will it somehow auto log a user in or...?

Occasional Contributor

@Stephen Rose wrote:

These features will be rolling out over the next few months...

Seamless deployment and onboarding

  • Known folder move - This capability will allow administrators to move known folders from their PC including Documents, Desktop, and Pictures to OneDrive. This includes support for initial account configuration as well as post-deployment migration.
  • Team site automount - This feature offers administrators the ability to automatically connect and synchronize specific SharePoint team sites as part of a OneDrive deployment or upgrade process.

Will Known Folder Move and/or Team Site Automount require the upcoming Windows 1809 release? 1803? 1709? Just want to plan for the minimum Windows version that our customers will need to be on when this is released. 


Can we get more specific release dates for Known Folder Move and Team Site Automount?


The Roadmap currently states Q4 CY2018, but this blog post states in the next few months. Does this mean that First Release will get it in (May, June, July...) August and that it will go GA by (October through...) December? 


Also, can we get some clarification on Team Site Automount...

  1. Will it be controlled through SharePoint Admin Center, O365 Admin Center, MDM, Group Policy, and/or PowerShell?
  2. Will it support Office 365 Group Document Libraries? 
  3. Are there any known limitations that we should begin to prepare for? 

Thank you and really looking forward to these features!

Frequent Contributor

Great Stephen! love this updates. Thank you for sharing!!

Occasional Contributor

Very excited and new features for one drive especially,


  • Camera upload support in one Drive for business
  • Known folder move
  • External Sharing reports and integration with Power BI
  • Transfer, Ownership for deleted users

waiting for rolling out the same in the production to gets hands-on experience.

This is amazing. OneDrive team you are doing awesome job. Camera upload support and known folder move are my favorites. 

@Stephen Rose Thank you!!

Occasional Contributor

So, I don't need Office Lens app anymore?

Occasional Contributor

Azure AD P2 required just to customise the sharing email - that seems excessive!

Known folder move will hopefully allow us to decom custom scripts that accomplish this for us today


Awesome updates Stephen. Can't wait to share with my customer.


Hi @Simon Barratt,


OneDrive is using the existing organization branding that is available via Azure AD (which requires the P2 license). Thanks for your feedback!

Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II




No. The office lens functionality is not only built into Scan in OneDrive but it will save directly to OneDrive as well!

Occasional Visitor

Great additions. One addition I’d like to see is the capability to search for text strings within documents under a specific folder(s). 

Occasional Contributor

What is the difference between "known folder move" and the existing possibility to configure user profile folder redirection into onedrive by GPO? Or is it only about making it visible in the odfb client UI?


best regards


When will i be able to create expiring links in our tenant? i can't seem to find when this functionality will be available for standard release




This functionality is available today for anon external links. We will roll out the features listed above in the next few months.




These features will release before Ignite this year.


KFM will require 1709 or later. TS Automount will work with all currently supported versions of Windows.

TS Automount will be scripted as part of the deployment process.

Senior Member



Great new features but, Microsoft pushes OneDrive to be the main productivity and file repository. The administrator should have visibility by report or central management site to view all sync issue and be able to see which client haven't synchronize for 30/60/90/120 Days etc. We as IT moves the responsibility to the users while there is an issue it is our responsibility to the data availability. This is a real business risk for data availability.

Central reporting to see which users have synchronization issues

Central repository or reporting capability to see which users have synchronization issues





@Itzik Menashe


Great feedback. I have passed it onto engineering and the UserVoice team.



Azure AD Premium P2 requirement is an error

branding requires P1

CC: @Stephen Rose @Stephen Rice

@Stephen Rose could you provide some more info on the ability to extract an Excel report about shared files/folders?


Also, and this might be a bit off topic, sorry, do you know anything about the ability to encrypt the local OneDrive folder to protect from other people who may have administrative access to the same computer? Is this something that has been considered?


Finally, glad to see the ability to sync photos finally coming to odfb, hopefully it doesn’t stop there. We need at least full feature parity with OneDrive Personal, including support in the Photos app on Windows 10 for odfb, so that you can make videos etc.

Occasional Contributor

If someone has administrator access to the computer, they all they need is a little bit of a desire and they can get past anything you do. If they wanted, they could easily just right-click and reset your password and login "as you" and reach the files you thought were safely blocked from them.


Hi @Allan With Sørensen,


I can help provide clarity around the external sharing report feature we announced. Our goal is to output a CSV file of all the external users on the site and what they have access to (and what permission they have). This can then be filtered/sorted/analyzed in tools like Excel, PowerBI or via a custom script. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

Hi Stephen Thanks, so does that only include (authenticated) guest users already in the organization or does it include external users who are not in the organization? And how about links (either for my organization only or anonymous)? Really, what I am looking for, is everything that is shown, when I go to the sharing tab, so even if it is an anonymous link, who was that link shared with (if anyone) and who has accessed it (if it is anyone authenticated)? Thanks again!

For Known Folder Move, how does it handle files that are already redirected to a file share such as \\FileServer\fileshare\username\desktop?

Do the files need to be put back in the default location at C:\Users\Username\Desktop before they can be synced to OneDrive?

Is this the best method for migrating previously redirected folders from file shares to OneDrive?

Senior Member

We have already moved user libraries to Onedrive manually during deployment (non-English folder names). If we enable the feature, what will happen to these users?

Frequent Visitor

Im trying to get the Team site automount working.


The GPO side seems to have had this information for a while now but the amount of documentation on the feature seems extremely limited.


Have anyone tried this feature out with success?


So far I am able to achieve the following.

1. Filed in the GPO with what i presume is the right information

Value:Foldername  ValueID:(That extremely long thing copied when pressing the sync button on the SharePoint site)

2. Veryfied that it writes the registry keys with the information from the GPO




However it does not seem like the Folder starts syncronizing after.

1. Restart OneDrive client as stated in the GPO

2. Restarting the machine gives the same.

Regular Visitor

We are having the exact same issues with the GPO. Copied the key from sharepoint library into GPO. Verified it is applied on workstation (Win10 1807) in registry but nothing is added in OneDrive Sync client.


Occasional Contributor

@Stephen Rose - can you shed some light on the difficulties that a number of us are having with Team Site Automount?


There isn’t any documentation posted ok this yet and the Ignite video that would have details about this also wasn’t posted. 

Regular Visitor

@Stephen Rose: I would also like to see a bit of documentation to get the Team site sync working. I have tried lots of different things to get it working but to no avail. Thanks

Not applicable

As per above users questions. Is there an update on automount rollout yet please?

Not applicable

Hi Guys,


I have spoken with Microsoft Support yesterday regarding this and the respond is as per below:



Hello Pawel,


I have checked the information.

The feature Teamsite Automapping is currently in development phase and has not yet begun rolling out to end users.

As per the Roadmap , it should be out by October CY2018 . However the timeframes might change.

You find the relevant roadmap at



Hope this will help to others who look for straight answer where we are with it so you can start doing some provisioning.

For me it does basically stop rollout of sharepoint to the group as it have to seamless to the users if you want convince them to use new tools.



Frequent Visitor

@Deleted Thanks for comming back with the answer.


This is one of the features most of our customers are looking forward to. So when it was in the GPOs i presumed that it was ready..

Regular Visitor

Thanks for the information. I have an open support ticket with MS right now as well and they are asking to connect to a machine to troubleshoot. I will not waste my time if this is not functional yet. I don't understand why they would put this in the GPO if it was not working but I imagine it's probably different departments handling them. 

Not applicable

This was my first query with them, not an option as of yet. Where did you found an GPO stating you can do that? can you share link so I will test in out environment?

Not applicable

Latest email from them:



Hello Pawel,


Hope you are doing well.

It was a pleasure to work with you on the case # 11695636 opened for the issue ‘set additional SharePoint locations via group policy’. I am extremely glad that the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.

I am providing you with a summary of the key points of your Service Request for your records.

Issue Definition: set additional SharePoint locations via group policy

Resolution: As of now there is no way to set additional SharePoint locations via group policy so that it gets connect or attached with OneDrive. However we have received several feedbacks about the same and we are currently developing such a feature.

The feature called TeamSite auto-mount is in development phase is expected as of the latest update to be released by Q4 CY2018. Keep in mind this is an expected release date.

To know more about the feature and its current status, kindly refer to the following article Microsoft 365 Roadmap



Regular Visitor


They do not have anything documented about the library automount on the OneDrive GP documentation site but if you install the ADMX files there is a policy named "Configure team site libraries to sync automatically" 


Following the steps listed in the GPO don't seem to do anything yet though.



Not applicable

Ok Will give it a go in mine tonight and will post here later.

Regular Visitor

Here is a screenshot of the GPO

Not applicable

@Chris Beckstrand @Kristian Berggren So I have just tried and policy seems to be pushed fine to the PC obviously but it does not assign access to the client. I reckon this will be more to do with version of the client (OneDrive) tried on the newest release with no luck so I think we will have to wait for Tech Guys to finally release option to enterprise. 


Amaze me how you can release apps to enterprise where it isn't actually ready for enterprise.


Had similar issue when started using AD Sync that this only predict that you will sync from Domain to O365 not other way round. Such a simple thing but looks like Microsoft isn't yet listen to the voice of Enterprise enough to deliver good, ready to use product out of the box.


This is something I hate about this job, waiting which you cant do anything about as it isn't in your hands. Frustrating:)


@Stephen RoseHave these features been released yet? I'm particularly interested in the Block Download sharing feature. I signed up to OneDrive for Business to use it but the option isn't there. Does it need to be enabled?


@Des O Connor Not yet. Block download should be available before end of year

Not applicable

Release of SharePoint sites auto-mount to OneDrive moved to November 2018. as per roadmap.

I am unfortunately unable to password protect my documents on OneDrive. Is there an alternate way to do this?

Occasional Contributor

Your entire OneDrive itself is password protected with your account password (and two-factor authentication involving a code generator, fingerprint, etc. if you want).  Plus any Office file stored there can be password protected as usual using the regular options.

Sorry, I should clarify- I meant that I do not have the ability to password protect links as mentioned within this article.


@Grace Slicklen That feature has not be released yet

Regular Visitor

I see the latest build is supposed to add the Team Library Sync


Version 18.212.1021.0008 (Released November 16, 2018)
  • Bug fixes to improve reliability and performance of the client.

  • New features gradually rolling out to users:

    • When dark theme is enabled in Windows, OneDrive will switch to a dark theme in the Activity Center.

    • Admins now have the ability to configure Team Site Document Libraries to automatically sync on a machine.

    • Fixed some issues causing high CPU usage during OneDrive updates.

I have tried the settings with a test user with this build running and can confirm I cant get it working. Anyone else tried?

Occasional Contributor

@Dale Hayter where have you set Team Site Document Libraries to automatically sync on test user?

Regular Visitor

I have used Local group policy. Tried under the computer GPO and the user GPO. both to no avail.

Occasional Contributor

Road-map still states November 2018 so I hardly see this being done by the end of the year. They have postponed this once already.


Edit: 17/12/2018

As of today we are still informed that teamsite auto-mount features coming to the OneDrive in November 2018.

Are you Microsoft waken up yet? its middle of December, Business users are waiting for this and other features to be rolled out in what you call Enterprise products! Disappointing.


Release notes of OD

Version 18.222.1104.0006 (Released December 6, 2018)
  • Bug fixes to improve reliability and performance of the client.

  • New features gradually rolling out to users:

    • Group policy to silently configure user accounts now supports SharePoint 2019.

Well that is not even done for older versions of SharePoint and you are about 2019?!


You Guys (Microsoft) want to be treated like a leader of IT solutions and technology? Where? what for?


Edit: 20/01/2019

Roadmap updated with new date again. February CY2019 now after last update to January CY2019.

For anyone who like to test this functionality now you are required to have miniunum versions as per below:


Windows 10: version 1809 (build 17763.195).
OneDrive: version 2018 (build 18.235.1125.0006) - Insiders version only
Office 365: Monthly Channel (Targeted) version 1812 (Build 11126.20118)


Edit: 28/02/2019

Yet again, nothing. Doesnt looks like it will be done in FEB CY2019.

its a Joke Microsoft.


Edit: 04/03/2019

Roadmap updated with new date again. March CY2019 now after last update to February CY2019.


Edit: 28/03/2019

Yet again, nothing. feels like never ending story.

I think we will most likely get this functionality with or after release of Windows April Update.


Edit: 03/04/2019

Roadmap updated with new date again to Q1 CY2019.

As per above this will be more likely that they are waiting for the April update to be rolled out to the Windows 10.


So we are still waiting...


Edit: 05/06/2019

Alright so looks like we are very close to this option finally being available for end users.

There is an update on the Roadmap with "Rolling Out" status since 3rd of June 2019.


So Finally we are there.

I am trying to test this future in our environment with no luck so far. It does looks like there is a huge delay between when you set GPO and when One Drive Pick up the shared library to the File Explorer.


Anyone else tried?




Not applicable

"So we are still waiting…" so we do.


that link helps me to build a script that auto mount via PS a library. But move from a local FS to OneDrive is not a simple as i thought.


@pgawronski thanks for tracking it down :)


i was not able to work like MS :D

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