These MVPs’ PowerShell Module Makes Submitting Community Contributions Faster And Easier!
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First published on MSDN on Jan 29, 2018
It’s renewal season! This means MVPs worldwide are busy submitting their community contributions for award consideration this coming July 1st. And this time around, MVPs Francois-Xavier Cat and Emin Atac have supported their peers in a big way. They’ve developed a tool to make the submission process easier and faster: it’s called the MVP PowerShell module.

Building off the Microsoft MVP API - which Program Manager Scott Ge and his team developed to automate contribution submissions - the PowerShell module enables MVPs to interact with the API directly from PowerShell. This helps MVPs to maintain their MVP profiles by allowing them to add multiple contributions, as well as back them up. Awesome, right?!

“Since my first MVP renewal, I found that adding community contributions to the MVP portal was a long and heavy task - especially if you waited a whole year before submitting your entries,” said Francois-Xavier. “When the MVP API was released at the beginning of 2017 I was really excited to be able to automate this task.”

While the module was released in May 2017, Francois-Xavier published his latest blog post last week about how to add multiple contributions. The module can also help MVPs to retrieve, create or remove contributions, retrieve and edit an MVP profile, as well as find the profile of a specific MVP.

To go into more technical detail, the MVP module comes with the following commands:

  • Get-MVPContribution

  • Get-MVPContributionArea

  • Get-MVPContributionType

  • Get-MVPContributionVisibility

  • Get-MVPOnlineIdentity

  • Get-MVPProfile

  • Get-MVPProfileImage

  • New-MVPContribution

  • New-MVPOnlineIdentity

  • Remove-MVPConfiguration

  • Remove-MVPContribution

  • Remove-MVPOnlineIdentity

  • Set-MVPConfiguration

  • Set-MVPContribution

  • Set-MVPOnlineIdentity

Already, the module makes submitting contributions through the MVP API faster and more user-friendly. But Francois-Xavier hopes even more can be done to improve the submission experience! In the future he’s hopeful the MVP API will work with a number of new functionalities, like allowing MVPs to list other people’s contributions, finding MVP-related events, looking for MVP Reconnect members, as well as searching for other MVP profiles by keyword, name, and interest etc.

When asked how he wants the module to help out MVPs around the world, he says he “[hopes] this tool helps MVPs to be more efficient managing their contributions.” After all, it does enable MVPs to add and backup multiple entries in just a matter of  seconds.

For more information on how to use the module, check out Francois-Xavier Cat’s blog here, and the MVP module project on GitHub here !
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