The MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge: M365
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In May, we ran the MVP Global Skills Challenge, where MVPs used Microsoft Learn and other Microsoft technologies to explore a new skills area for them. In this blog, we’re looking at two MVPs who embarked on the Microsoft 365 learning path.


Augustine Correa 


Augustine Correa holds four MVP awards in Developer Technologies. As part of the Global Skills Challenge, Augustine decided to dive deeper into the Microsoft 365 subscription he uses to run community activities with Hackerspace Mumbai.


“While I use the subscription for community activities, I still wanted to apply enterprise-level standards for our processes,” said Augustine.


Augustine’s biggest eye-opener was when he came across the Microsoft Secure Score module Organizational productivity - Learn | Microsoft Docs. “Our score was abysmal. We owed it to ourselves and our community members to do much better, and I'm glad to report that I have corrected this.”


Augustine also leveraged Sharepoint as a way to securely store and share data with his team, while using it as a central platform to bring the community together.


“The large photo on the left is that of our largest meetup held at a 5-star hotel; it serves as a constant aspiration for core team members to surpass,” Augustine said about the team’s Sharepoint homepage.


Next on Augustine’s list of M365 technologies to explore was M365 Compliance Manager. 


“Across eight years and over 150 events and communicating with more than 5000 unique contacts, we have accumulated a lot of privileged information that folks have entrusted with us,” he said. “With M365, we get Compliance Manager, which provides an out-of-the-box enterprise-grade tool to ensure we are safeguarding privacy as per regulations enforced in the world.”


Last up was Microsoft Teams, which helped Augustine’s team stay connected, collaborate, and hold virtual meetups. “During this pandemic, all our events have been online. And for us, Microsoft Teams has been our workhorse,” said Augustine. “MS Teams related modules form the backbone of my learning path collection.”


Check out the full blog on Augustine’s projects for the Global Skills Challenge here and his learning path collection here.


Mark Allan


Mark Allan has received four Microsoft MVP awards and is a specialist in Microsoft Azure. As part of the challenge, Mark used M365 to support Generation Tech, a charity that provides a telephone helpline for older people in Ireland who have trouble with tech. 


The charity decided to keep the helpline they set up during lockdown going post-COVID and needed to automate as much as possible. Mark was given the job of looking after the charity’s Microsoft 365 setup, so used this opportunity to delve deeper into the technology using Microsoft Learn.


“Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I piled into the learning modules and after a few days came out with not only a much better understanding of M365 but also the Fundamentals certification to prove it :D,” said Mark.


“I learned that Microsoft Learn is actually quite nifty! When you put it to the test on something you’re unfamiliar with, you can learn enough to get both a certification and at least enough competence to get hands-on without being too dangerous. Not too shabby for free, and invaluable when you have to leave your happy path in a hurry,” he said.


Check out Mark’s fundamentals and admin learning collections and his blog here.

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