Reconnect Series: Hemantgiri S. Goswami
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Hemantgiri S. Goswimi is a Reconnect Member from Surat, Gujarat, India. He was awarded Microsoft MVP in the SQL Server category in 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011.


Hemantgiri currently works as a consultant for SQL Server Citation and Pythian. He is  involved with the Computer Society of India (CSI), Surat Chapter as an expert speaker on SQL Server technology. “CSI arrange one TechTalk every month. This will give me an opportunity to share my knowledge with a future generation of professionals in tech, while also learning myself,” said Hemantgiri. “I will also be delivering sessions for the IT professional community here in Surat. I am very excited about these speaking engagements.” 


Hemantgiri also speaks to students of various IT/engineering colleges in Surat on a regular basis, under the banner of CSI. “The most important thing is that we, the CSI members, share insights into industry demands and give this knowledge to the students. 


As well as recently becoming involved with the CSI, Hemantgiri has begun learning PowerShell, and Sanskrit, the oldest and most scientific language in the world.


“Being a Reconnect member means a lot to me. Us Reconnect members can communicate and share knowledge and ideas. The main goal is to stay connected, participate in knowledge sharing, and network,” said Hemantgiri. “I would love to start participating more actively and share my knowledge by delivering a session.”


“The Reconnect community has shown me how important it is to share our knowledge for the betterment of technology, and to help future generations. Sharing is caring, and MVPs and Reconnect members live by this statement.”


As an MVP, Hemantgiri organized Community Tech Days in 2008 and 2010. In 2017, he attended the Global Azure Bootcamp. “These have been my favourite events so far, and they represented great opportunities to get involved with the community,” he said.


To new MVPs, Hemantgiri says “Keep doing all the awesome work you’ve done so far.” 


“Sharing what we know is the best thing we can do in society. I would say congratulations, and a big “thank you” for all the contributions they have made.”


In the future, Hemantgiri plans to revamp his blog by adding YouTube videos in both English and Gujarati. He also plans to contribute more scripts via Technet Gallery and GitHub Repo, including PowerShell scripts. “I am very excited about this,” said Hemantgiri.


Check out Hemantgiri’s blog here and details on his book here.



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