Power Apps For Kids (And Kids At Heart)
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Kids are like sponges. They are fast learners, think outside of the box, and have a wide range of abilities. Now, these creative qualities are being applied to Power Apps with some amazing digital results — from emulating the solar system to playing noughts and crosses — thanks to a crack team of MVPs.


PowerApps4Kids is an online community that teaches young people how to build and use Power Apps, those versatile apps that are built with Office 365. With support from Business Apps MVPs Rory Neary, Pieter Veenstra, Ee Lane Yu, Jeevarajan Kumar, and others, the group hopes to inspire kids — and kids at heart — to learn and experiment with digital tools. 


“The best ideas need a number of ingredients for them to grow,” the team says. “Power Apps is hands down a wonderful product to allow people to be both digitally creative and also productive in their organisations, and it is uniquely relevant to parents and children.”


“But, during this pandemic, it occurred to me that children were struggling to be educated at a time when they were at home with their parents. The timing was perfect for the idea of teaching Power Apps to children to be pursued as they would need their parents to help out.”


The resulting website is therefore intended for parents, teachers, developers and children. The group has even created a free online course to get kids started with all things Power Apps and holds free monthly meetings to further the education adventure.


PowerApps4Kids is an excellent meeting place for curious minds of any age, the team says, and the results have been heartening. “We continue to see young people inspiring young people. We have seen kids build apps and proudly present them during our sessions, indirectly inspiring other kids to do the same."


“We would love PowerApps 4 Kids to become a safe platform for kids to learn and share their Power Apps learnings. We are at an early stage with this, so we need more people, more support but with a focus on the quality of product and indeed spreading of the idea to new users.”


PowerApps4Kids invites developers young and old to check out their website, YouTube channel, and Twitter. “Good luck to all the big kids and little kids out there!”

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