MVPs Unite To Share Microsoft Teams Expertise
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Video conferencing, virtual events, and remote working environments are no longer simple conveniences – they are essential. The rapid spread of coronavirus and subsequent restrictions have required us all to take our tasks online, leading many more users to migrate to Microsoft Teams.


Teams experienced a net growth of 20% in the very first week when lockdowns were imposed worldwide, bringing the number of active users up to 44 million. Four weeks later and this number had grown to 75 million. 


Mastery of the collaboration platform is especially important for Microsoft MVPs as they need to engage with their communities in a virtual environment. Therefore, Teams experts from the MVP community organised a comprehensive seven-part training series to help out others who might not know all of the tips and tricks.


MVPs and series organisers Chris Hoarde, Tom Arbuthnot, and Karoliina Kettukari launched the sessions in mid-April, with topics ranging from running a successful community event to live meetings, security and compliance, and online event management. Moreover, the series runs in two time zones every Tuesday at 4.00 pm BST and every Friday at 4.00 pm AEST, with recordings for all sessions available on each regional page of Microsoft Teams.


Finnish MVP Karoliina said it was important to remember that MVPs are not automatically experts in every Microsoft service, making now the perfect time for MVPs to get familiar with the basic possibilities of Teams. “If I'm able to share my expertise and help other MVPs do to their jobs better and in that way to help customers all over the world to utilise Teams better, I'm always in!”


UK MVP Chris echoed this idea, noting that it is important to help form a baseline understanding in the core workloads of chat, files, meetings, calling, and apps. To complement the Teams training series, more than 100 MVPs from across the world have come forward to help their fellow MVPs deliver community events.


These MVPs – aptly titled “Teams Champions” – can be called upon to help with the planning of a community event, attend and troubleshoot if needed, and offer feedback on how to increase guest interaction. 


MVP Teams Champion Alex Mang said he was genuinely happy to help others get better acquainted with the tech, especially during this time of global uncertainty. “With great power comes great responsibility. And since knowledge is power in my books, I believe strongly that our and our customers’ smooth onboarding experience is something every person and every organization around the world should experience,” Alex said.


MVP Teams Champion Tiago Costa said he simply wanted to play his part during this pandemic. “We will win this fight by joining forces. Every single one of us has amazing skills that can be put to work. I’m not a Virologist or an MD, I’m an IT professional and I can help schools and other companies move to the cloud and help them run their business,” Tiago said.


Australian MVP Megan Strant, who is a session speaker and MVP Teams Champion, said she saw an opportunity to use her skillset to drive awareness of the platform and connect further with the MVP community.


“There are times when I cannot participate in sessions or discussion because the content is too technical (being a Change Manager) but driving upskill in others or helping communicate further detail about how Microsoft Teams can add value to their day is my core skill set so it felt right to get involved,” Megan said.


Megan encouraged all MVPs to continue with their platform experimentation following the series and following the pandemic.


For more information on becoming a Teams Champion, speak to your CPM.

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