MVPs Ignite Education In China and Japan
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Microsoft Ignite might be done and dusted for another year, but that did not stop scores of MVPs and tech enthusiasts in both China and Japan from continuing their education journey in March.


Following the global tech conference, both communities in Asia decided to review the takeaways in their local language and focus on lessons learned.


First, Microsoft China hosted a two-day digital conference, Microsoft Ignite China, that comprised seven keynotes, 11 connection sessions and 30 featured sessions. The March 18 event brought to life six hours of online engagement per day, with two Microsoft Regional Directors (RDs) contributing to the "Connection Zone" and nine MVPs helping with live stage sessions.


Data Platform MVP Dan Zhang says it is very important for self-learners to have an integrated and authentic learning platform in China. Microsoft Ignite China, along with resources like MS Learn, are vital to staying on top of the ever-changing world of tech, Dan says.


“Knowledge on the internet is separated and unsystematic, which will cost learners a lot of time and energy to find good resources and materials. The emergence of MS Learn is a good benefit for numbers of developers,” Dan says.


“Continuous learning in technical areas is important in China since it can help developers keep up to pace with new tech and the environment,” agrees AI MVP Yuxiang Wang. Meanwhile, Azure and AI MVP Hao Hu suggests that an additional achievement system on MS Learn could be one way to encourage developers to further their skills. 


Later that month on March 24, it was time for the community-driven learning event Microsoft Ignite Recap Community Day in Japan. A total of 20 MVP/RD/community leaders contributed to 10 sessions across the 4-hour event. Not only that, but the 20 MVP/RDs also shared their Ignite recommended sessions for further member learning.


Business Applications / Office Apps & Services MVP Taichi Nakamura joined multiple sessions and shared the latest updates of Microsoft 365 & Power Platform. Taichi says he wanted to take part simply because it looked fun. “I wanted to share my joy with attendees, provide our passion to attendees, and call more attention to join a tech community,” he says.


Developer Technologies MVP and fellow session presenter Kazushi Kamegawa says the pandemic has enacted many rapid changes in the world, and education remains an important way to stay connected. “As an engineer, of course, in order to adapt to the new world in the future, I think I have to continue to learn, to identify the right information, and not to be left behind by the situation in the world.”


Azure MVP Tetsuya Odashima contributed to one of the Ignite recommended session resources and says it is important to remember that “learning is not something that is given by someone, but something that you can get by acting on your own.”


“Learning new things stimulates curiosity,” posits Enterprise Mobility MVP Yutaro Tamai. “I’d like to share this experience with more community members.”


For more information on the dual events, visit the community pages for Microsoft Ignite China and Microsoft Ignite Recap Community Day Japan.



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