Microsoft MVPs: Leveraging Social Media to Share Passion and Expertise
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One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Microsoft MVP is the opportunity to share your passion and expertise with the world through social media. Whether it's creating engaging videos, writing informative blogs, or hosting live events, social media is a powerful tool to connect with your audience and showcase your value. In this article, we will highlight four MVPs who are doing an amazing job of leveraging social media to amplify their voice and influence: Kat Norton, Lisa Crosbie, Venicia Solomons and Tomohiro Yoshifuji. Let's start by taking a closer look at Kat Norton and her success on social media. 




Kat Norton, an M365 MVP, based in Arizona, United States has been dubbed "Miss Excel" for her fun and educational Excel tutorials. She has over 500k followers on TikTok and Instagram, where she posts short videos that teach Excel tips and tricks in a creative and entertaining way. She also has a website where she offers online courses, templates, and resources for Excel enthusiasts. Kat discovered her passion for Excel during her MBA program, where Excel was heavily integrated into her studies. She fell in love with it along the way and has since leveraged her passion to create a successful social media presence. Kat measures the impact and value of her social media presence in several ways. She looks for immediate views and shares in the first few days for short videos, whereas for longer form tutorials, she is looking for steady growth in views over weeks or months. Her biggest measure of success is the comments on the videos, which is where the real engagement from the community happens. 


One way to cope with the challenges of being a content creator is to have a self-growth practice, as Kat does. She meditates regularly and learns about how to improve her brain function. She knows that putting herself out there on social media exposes her to criticism and negativity, but she also knows that she can't please everyone. She focuses on her own well-being and happiness instead. 

Kat's advice to others who want to follow their dreams is to not let fear hold them back. She says that you don't need to have a perfect plan or a clear vision before you start. You just need to take small steps and trust the process. You might find new opportunities along the way that you didn't expect. 




Another social media influencer is Business Applications MVP Lisa Crosbie based in Victoria, Australia, who has been sharing her passion and expertise for the low-code/no-code technology through her YouTube channel, blog posts, and speaking engagements. Seven years ago, Lisa transitioned from Sales and Marketing Management to Dynamics 365 consulting. She was attracted to the Power Platform because it offered a code-free app creation and a creative problem-solving approach for businesses. Lisa's success is attributed to her active engagement, continuous learning from the online community, and her willingness to explore different features and scenarios, constantly stretching herself into new areas. 

To ensure the success of her content, Lisa employs a data-driven approach. She not only leverages analytics to gauge the effectiveness of her content, but also emphasizes the importance of YouTube analytics in understanding audience engagement. Different metrics are used depending on the type of content created, with immediate views and shares indicating success for new announcements, and steady growth in views over weeks or months for longer tutorials. The most significant measure of success for Lisa are the comments on their videos, as it signifies real engagement from the community. Lisa considers these comments and questions as valuable sources for generating further high-quality content ideas. 


YouTube analytics can also help aspiring creators to learn from their own progress and improvement over time. To start as a YouTuber, watch the first and latest videos of your favorite creators and see how they improved. Don't worry about the competition but focus on your unique style and perspective. Remember that content creation takes time and effort, so find your own motivation and passion. 



Our next influencer is Security MVP Venicia Solomons based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her journey into cybersecurity was driven by both passion and purpose. From a young age, she had an interest in technology and was constantly exploring and learning. For her, cybersecurity is more than just the technical aspects; it's about protecting the livelihoods of businesses and individuals. This realization makes her work deeply meaningful. Building cloud-based security solutions is not just a profession for her, but also a hobby that she deeply enjoys, and her personal engagement drives her commitment to the field. Venicia Solomons's passion for cybersecurity and her commitment to the field is reflected in her social media presence, where she uses her platform to educate and inspire others. 

Venicia Solomons also feels that the importance of embracing new opportunities and committing to continuous learning is essential for growth. This can be achieved through podcasts, structured learning, and dedicating time to stay current in one's field. 

Her advice for MVPs who want to be tech influencers is to start now. Focus on your passion and expertise, not views or popularity. Be authentic and consistent to grow organically. This way, you avoid burnout and build a loyal audience over time. Your interest and knowledge in your field will connect with your followers. 




Our last influencer is M365 MVP Tomohiro Yoshifuji, based in Tokyo, Japan was viewed by Prezi, which is a similar product to PowerPoint as one of the 10 "Virtual Presentation Innovators" in the world. 

He feels in Japan that the field of presentation design was lagging behind web and UI design therefore he wanted to elevate its level.  He challenges the fixed notions surrounding presentations and demonstrated the creative potential of PowerPoint. Tomohiro also generously appreciates sharing his skills and ideas openly, leading to recognition and connections with presentation designers worldwide. 

He impresses even experienced MVPs with his PowerPoint tips, showcasing his extensive experience in slide creation. He is such an influential expert that others recommend following his X account to learn how to create attractive slides. He connects with slide designers worldwide through social media, captivating PowerPoint users not only in Japan but also internationally.

In conclusion, Kat Norton, Lisa Crosbie, Venicia Solomons, and Tomohiro Yoshifuji are four Microsoft MVPs who have successfully leveraged social media to share their passion and expertise with the world. They have used various platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and blogs, to connect with their audience and showcase their value. These MVPs have demonstrated the importance of active engagement, continuous learning, and authenticity in building a successful social media presence. Their stories serve as an inspiration for others to share their knowledge and make an impact in their respective fields. 

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