Learn about Copilot with MVP Brien Posey
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“I can’t wait to explore Copilot in depth and see what it is truly capable of.”


Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP Brien Posey has been helping community members for a long time mainly through sharing technical information on articles, blog posts, books, and videos, and received the Microsoft MVP award 21 times. Brien, who was focusing on Windows 3.1 at the beginning of his community career, is paying the most attention to AI and Copilot now.


The Redmond Magazine interviewed him and shared his thoughts about AI and Copilot on the recent article in April 2023, AI & IT: What's Up with Microsoft Copilot? A Q&A with Brien Posey. While the full picture of Copilot is not yet available at this time and mixed feelings came to him as he was exploring it with limited information, Brien shared information and expectations about this new technology in the interview.


We asked him some additional questions so that you can learn more about Copilot.


Please share your favorite Microsoft resources and content to learn further about Copilot.

“There is some really great Copilot-related content on the Microsoft Blog (Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot—A whole new way to work). YouTube is another good resource for learning about Copilot, because there are videos in which you can see Copilot in action. Of course there will probably be far more information made available at Microsoft Build.”


What Microsoft Build sessions would you like to recommend to community members to learn about Copilot?

“There are quite a few Copilot-related sessions being presented at Build. Those who are still trying to wrap their heads around what Copilot is and what it is capable of might want to check out Shaping the future of work with AI and The future of AI and generative code, Q&A. The session that I am most interested in however, is From Idea to App in 15 Minutes Using Teams Toolkit and GitHub Copilot.”



Copilot was just unveiled, and we just need to wait for more information to come. If you would like to learn more from Brien, check his articles out on Redmond Magazine and ITPro Today.

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