Jaeseok's Drive To Help Korean Tech
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This month, The MVP Blog is shining a spotlight on some of the community work our members are doing around the world.


In Asia, we asked AI MVP Jaeseok Lee about a series of events he organized for his community in Korea: Global AI Bootcamp and Global Power Platform Bootcamp. Excited to learn more, we asked Jaeseok a few questions about the events and tried to understand what motivates him in the process.  


“My main goal is to help make AI more accessible to everyone,” Jaeseok began. “I believe that the interest in AI technology, especially from those who are not developers, fosters an opportunity for us to examine many different problems in society in more domain-specific perspectives.”

To this end, Jaeseok is currently running or participating in several Microsoft AI blogs and communities so that more people can get to know about the tech. Jaeseok hopes that he can share his experience in Azure and Power Platform with newcomers through the two bootcamps so they can better grasp the fundamental concepts of AI and data management. 


“There are many people who participated in the AI Bootcamp and Power Platform Bootcamp together. They say that they were satisfied with the connection between the two events. At the next bootcamp, I want to practice the process of integrating more naturally and flexibly through AI Builder,” Jaeseok said.


Jaeseok likes to think of the AI and Power Platform events as a kind of magic that wakes people up and encourages them to communicate.

“The pandemic has made offline events all the more meaningful, but it was during this time when we learned what the essential aspects of our community truly are and how to maintain those connections online through Teams,” he added.

And by strengthening online and offline communities with events like bootcamps, Jaeseok likes to think he can help solve social problems by educating and empowering more people with knowledge of AI.


This belief is backed up by two Office Apps and Services MVPs who worked on the Global Power Platform Bootcamp.


Heejin Lee took part in the discussion panel and said it was useful to identify the needs of companies and users and acquire new knowledge. 

HyunJung Ko, meanwhile, assisted with the recruitment of participants and other event activities. “Listening to other people’s presentations, I gained a lot of new knowledge,” HyunJung said. “I felt a lot of things when I saw the enthusiasm of the people who attended the event.”


For more, check out Jaeseok’s YouTube channel.

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