Friday Five: Power Platform, Xamarin Tips, More!
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Power Platform Solution Architect Exams

Kylie Kiser is a Power Platform enthusiast and two-time Business Applications MVP who has been working with Microsoft technologies for over 10 years. Kylie is passionate about the community and shows this through blogging, presenting, and hosting events. Further, she leads a thriving user group based in Washington, DC. For more, check out Kylie’s Twitter @KylieKiser


C# 10.0: Introducing Global Usings

Jaliya Udagedara is a Developer Technologies MVP based in Auckland, New Zealand. Originally from Sri Lanka, Jaliya is currently working as a Technical Lead for a US-based software development company. He has found his most significant interest in the world of Microsoft Software Development Technologies and Azure Stack. He likes to write blog posts and maintains his personal blog. Follow him on Twitter @JaliyaUdagedara


VLC Media Player in Xamarin Forms (an Alternative to AvPlayer and Android Media Player)

Damien Doumer is a software developer and Microsoft MVP in development technologies, who from Cameroon and currently based in France. He plays most often with ASP.Net Core and Xamarin, and builds mobile apps and back-ends. He often blogs, and he likes sharing content on his blog at Though he's had to deal with other programming languages and several frameworks, he prefers developing in C# with the .Net framework. Damien's credo is “Learn, Build, Share and Innovate”. Follow him on Twitter @Damien_Doumer.

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How to set up and use Task Publishing in Teams

Vesku Nopanen is a Principal Consultant in Office 365 and Modern Work and passionate about Microsoft Teams. He helps and coaches customers to find benefits and value when adopting new tools, methods, ways or working and practices into daily work-life equation. He focuses especially on Microsoft Teams and how it can change organizations' work. He lives in Turku, Finland. Follow him on Twitter: @Vesanopanen


Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Let’s Do Collaborative Calling

Chris Hoard is a Microsoft Certified Trainer Regional Lead (MCT RL), Educator (MCEd) and Teams MVP. With over 10 years of cloud computing experience, he is currently building an education practice for Vuzion (Tier 2 UK CSP). His focus areas are Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 and entry-level Azure. Follow Chris on Twitter at @Microsoft365Pro and check out his blog here.

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