Friday Five: Posting SQL Server notifications to Slack and More!
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First published on MSDN on Oct 05, 2018


Comparing Azure Functions and AWS Lamba
Herve Roggero is recognized for his thought leadership and passion for providing accessibility to data in the tech space. Herve’s knack for distilling complex real-time data consumption challenges and presenting digestible solutions make him the ideal speaker, teacher, and teammate.  Herve is the Co-Author of PRO SQL Azure, PRO Windows Azure SQL Database and PRO SQL Server 2012 Practices (from APress), a PluralSight author, and runs the Azure Florida Association. Follow him on Twitter @hroggero .

Posting SQL Server notifications to Slack
Alessandro Alpi is a Data Platform MVP and has worked in IT since 2000. Alessandro is CTO and co-founder of Engage IT Services S.r.l. where he manages the development team. He also designed the SQL Server automated deployment  for his company using RedGate tools and Visual Studio Team Services. Alessandro is also a teacher in SQL Server training, ALM topics and a Translation Community Contributor for the official MS documentation. Follow him on Twitter @suxstellino .
Integrating Cognitive Service Speech Recognition in UWP apps
Marco Minerva is a Microsoft MVP for Windows Development. He lives in Italy and has been working with .NET since its first introduction. He currently works as a freelance consultant on the Microsoft Ecosystem, developing applications for Windows, Mobile and Web. He also organizes and holds training courses on these topics. Marco is co-founder and Community Leader of DotNetToscana, the .NET User Group of Tuscany, Italy. He is a speaker at technical events and writes articles for magazines. Follow him on Twitter @marcominerva .
Business Central, Best Posts Part 1
Roberto Stefanetti is a technical and functional consultant with 16 years of experience with Dynamics NAV and Business Central. He is currently the project manager and technical advisor for NAVlab, an Italian partner. Roberto discovered Dynamics NAV in 2004 and decided to develop knowledge and expertise on the product independently and created his first blog . He created a new blog in 2015 where he frequently writes about new features, reviews of books, presentations and conferences. Roberto actively participates in Microsoft Dynamics Community Forums and Blogs. Follow him on Twitter @robstefane .
Managing DNS with DNSControl, CloudFlare, DNSimple, GitHub, VSTS, Key Vault, and Docker!
Kieran Jacobsen is an MVP for Cloud and Datacenter management based out of Melbourne, Australia. Kieran supports Planet PowerShell, a community aggregator of PowerShell content, maintains several popular PowerShell modules and writes the Posh Security blog. Kieran is a regular speaker at conferences and user groups, including CrikeyCon, Azure Global Bootcamp, Experts Live and NDC Sydney. Follow him on Twitter @kjacobsen .
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