Friday Five: MVPs with Fresh Insights on .NET Core and More!
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First published on MSDN on Jul 20, 2018


ASP.NET Core 2: Architecture & Design Pattern Ideology
Asma Khalid is a Technical Evangelist, Technical Writer and Fanatic Explorer. She enjoys doodling with technologies, writing stories and sharing her knowledge with community. Her core domain is Software Engineering, but she’s also experienced in Product Management, Product Monitoring, Product Implementation, Product Execution and Product Coordination. She is the 1st female from Pakistan to receive Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) recognition and the 1st female from Pakistan to receive C-sharp corner online developer community Most Valuable Professional (MVP) recognition. She has 6+ years of experience as IT professional, freelancer & entrepreneur. She is currently working on her entrepreneur venture, AsmaKart . Follow her on Twitter @asmak .

.NET Core Microservices – DShop
Piotor Gankiewicz is a Microsoft MVP, a Bottega trainer, Software engineer & architect, co-founder of Noordwind teal organization. He's also a consultant, open source contributor, blogger, advocate of DDD, CQRS, DevOps and distributed systems.

Piotr belongs to the Polish .NET community, is on a mission to deliver the best free and open software and programming courses. In his post, he discusses creating a distributed shop (DShop) using .NET Core, Microservices, Docker, and other tools. Follow him on Twitter @spetzu .


Gora Leye is a Solutions Architect, Technical Expert and Devoper based in Paris. He works predominantly in Microsoft stacks: Dotnet, Dotnet Core, Azure, Azure Active Directory/Graph, VSTS, Docker, Kubernetes, and software quality. Gora has a mastery of technical tests (unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests, and user interface tests). Follow him on Twitter @logcorner . Core + Angular Photo Booth App: Do it Yourself
David Pine is a Technical Evangelist and Microsoft MVP working at Centare in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. David's passion for learning has led to his desire to give back to the developer community. David is a technical blogger, whose blogs have been featured on , msdn webdev and msdn dotnet . David is active in the developer community, speaking at technical conferences, contributing to popular open-source projects , serving as a mentor and giving back to . Follow him on Twitter @davidpine7 .

Process Azure Analysis Services objects using a Logic App part 2
Jorg Klein is a Technology Consultant Data & Analytics and Microsoft Data Platform MVP working at Macaw in The Netherlands. He has many years of experience in the areas of business intelligence, data warehousing and analytics. In the last years he focused only on the Microsoft Azure PaaS Data Platform and Power BI. Jorg has been blogging for more than 10 years on his blog at . He likes to work together with the Microsoft product teams and regularly provides them with feedback as Azure advisor. Follow him on Twitter via @jorg__klein

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