Friday Five: Azure Lab Services, Deploying ASP NET MVC Application on Windows IIS Server, and more!
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Azure Lab Services: how to create lab environments in the cloud

Francesco Molfese is a consultant, trainer, technical writer and Microsoft MVP focusing on public cloud, hybrid infrastructure, virtualization and datacenter management. Francesco has over 14 years of experience in architecting, implementing and managing IT solutions and he is currently employed as a Senior Consultant at Progel Spa, an IT consulting company and Microsoft Certified Partner in Italy. Francesco is the team leader of the Hybrid Fabric Team in Progel Spa. He has lots of experience in large infrastructure deployments in enterprise-wide environments. He is the Community Lead of the Italian Cloud Community and he is a frequent speaker at leading IT Pro conferences in Italy. Follow him on Twitter @FrancescoMolf



Customize your SharePoint Online Theme with Theme Generator

Facilitating the evolution of human capabilities – Based in South Africa, Tracy van der Schyff’s passion is to empower people and therefore change management lies close to her heart. Her Mission is to positively impact WHAT and HOW people create, as she believes that what we create, creates us back (Ontological Design). It is about enabling others to serve themselves better, expand their possibilities, increase their capacity to learn, act more effectively and better design their future. Check her out on Twitter @TracyvdS


How to deploy ASP NET MVC Application on Windows IIS Server

Asma Khalid is a Full Stack .Net Expert, Community Speaker & Contributor, TechnicalEvangelist, Technical Writer and Fanatic Explorer. Asma enjoys doodling with technologies and sharing her knowledge with the community. Her core domain is Software Engineering but she also has proficient experience in Developing & Managing IT projects/products. Some of her key skill sets and expertise are Solution Architect, Full Stack .NET Software Engineering, Product Development & Deployment, Project Management, Project Execution and Implementation and Project Monitoring & Evaluation. For international accreditation of her work and expertise, she is the first female from Pakistan to receive Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award one time and the first female from Pakistan to receive C-sharp corner online developer community Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award two times in a row. she has 5+ years of experience as IT professional, freelancer, technical blogger, technical writer and entrepreneur. Follow her on Twitter @Asmak.


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Labeling a Secure Path to Protection of Sensitive Documents. The Art, Classifications and Methodolog...

Seyi Oluwawumiju is a technical consultant and the CEO/MD of Convenant Technologies and Manager, Innovation and Emerging Technologies of Wragbysolutions and Technologies Limited, IT Manager/Consultant of ILF Engineers Nigeria Limited. He is also an MCT regional lead and MVP for Office Server and Services, and founder of MCTNAIJA-microtechxTechUSERGROUP. Convenant Technologies is a Certified Partner with Microsoft in Lagos, Nigeria. He is also a senior consulting partner for Convenant Technologies on Microsoft infrastructure with over 17 years’ experience and, he is a fellow of the Institute of Information Management Africa, one of the highest honors for Management of Data. Prior to joining Convenant Technologies, Seyi was a senior technical consultant and support manager for the 1st Intellit solution, where he led outsourcing team development and new client systems. It is in view of the evolving market for IT in Africa, that he deemed it highly necessary to hone his traditional product knowledge expertise to meet this current trend. Follow him on Twitter @soluwawumiju.


Continue working on your Android phone using Microsoft Launcher and OneDrive

John Naguib is an Office Servers and Services MVP. He's also a Solution Architect and Senior Consultant, with a deep knowledge of SharePoint. In addition, he has a strong .net application development background and is knowledgable in Office 365, Azure and several Microsoft products. John is a recognized expert within the IT industry, as he's published several gold award articles on Microsoft TechNet blogs and spoken at several events. He is based in Egypt. Follow him on Twitter @johnnaguib.


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