Diversity and Inclusion for Zar Ni Tyn in Myanmar
Published Jan 25 2023 06:30 PM 6,157 Views

Burmese M365 Apps & Services MVP Zar Ni Tyn says “Diversity is so beautiful.”

In this blog, learn to embrace a sense of diversity and inclusion from his community activities.


Zar Ni Tyn has been working on training users as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since 2014 and engaging with community members as a Microsoft MVP since 2019. In addition to blogging and uploading videos, he has been delivering training sessions for diverse people, such as students in universities and the users in the non-profit organizations, bank, and the government. One of the best examples of his audiences is monks as we introduced in a previous blog (Live From The Monastery Thanks To Microsoft Teams).



Helping a variety of users across the education industry, enterprise, and the government is an example where he demonstrates diversity and inclusion. “I have been sharing information of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure with the users in various communities, in particular, Microsoft 365 which is so useful for everyone. The first way to do that is organizing a seminar and workshop, and the second way is conducting a training.”


He learned community leadership, growth mindset, and a sense of diversity and inclusion from his family. His grandfather established the B.S.C College in 1911 and developed professionals in typewriting, bookkeeping, accountancy, and commercial subjects. His father was a trainer of bookkeeping and accountancy. “My father was my first teacher and told me what human value and what the real education means.”


According to Zar Ni Tyn, even though 2022 was a hard year for him because of the state of his country, he has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve in 2023. “Many organizations need to migrate their system to the cloud. To accelerate the migration, we need to reach all sectors and help them.”


Regarding diversity, he describes it as beautiful as noted at the beginning of this blog. “Every single person has unique value. Accepting diversity and being inclusive is the key to living a beautiful life in our world,” Zar Ni Tyn emphasizes how diversity and inclusion is important for us.



We hope this story encourages you to be more inclusive in 2023.

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