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First published on MSDN on Mar 16, 2018

#Microsoft365 Day 124: Capture and Share Contacts with Office 365
Tracy van der Schyff is an energetic, hyperactive adrenaline junkie who sees challenges as opportunities, and thrives on improving processes, environments and the general quality of life. Always discovering, always growing, her values are most important to her. Her broad knowledge about IT and Business give her the ability to communicate on both levels and convey meaningful requirements and narrow the (ever-present) gap between the two.

Her passion is to empower people, and therefore training and change management lie close to her heart. Her Mission is to positively impact what and how people create, as she believes that what we design/create, designs/creates us back (Ontological Design). Follow her on Twitter @tracyvds .

The More You Know, The More You Realize You Need To Know: Insights From The MVP Summit

Michelle Zimmerman , PhD, is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Surface Expert. She has 17 years of experience in the classroom (PreK-10), 10 years implementing research into practice, and co-designing Renton Prep, selected as a Microsoft Showcase School. She briefed Satya Nadella and team. She and her students have presented since 2007 including American Education Research Association to NYU, UCLA, SXSWEdu, and New York Academy of Sciences. Her research is published in Springer’s International Human Computer Interaction Series and VentureBeat. Follow her on Twitter @mrzphd .

MVP Summit: Microsoft, Silent Disco, and the Collaboration Revelation

Becky Benishek is a second-year Microsoft Office Servers & Services MVP in the United States. At the Crisis Prevention Institute, she drives engagement on two Yammer External Networks that provide professional learning opportunities to customers. She’s also a children’s book author, builds Lego structures, and has a working Commodore 64. Follow her on Twitter @bbenishek .


How To Create A "No Code" Lead Capture Solution

Donna Edwards is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).  She has been working with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement application and related technologies beginning with Microsoft CRM version 1.2. She collaborates with all levels of an organization to design, develop, and deliver flexible, scalable solutions that simultaneously address short-term business requirements and long-term strategic growth initiatives.  Donna spends a significant amount of time in various online communities and at events presenting sessions and responding to questions that help people increase knowledge, overcome challenges and more fully leverage the application. Follow her on Twitter @edwardsdna .


ASP.NET MVC5: Buttons In Datatables Jquery Plugin
Asma Khalid is a Technical Evangelist, Technical Writer and Fanatic Explorer. She enjoys doodling with technologies, writing stories and sharing her knowledge with community. Her core domain is Software Engineering, but she’s also experienced in Product Management, Product Monitoring, Product Implementation, Product Execution and Product Coordination. She is the 1st female from Pakistan to receive Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) recognition and the 1st female from Pakistan to receive C-sharp corner online developer community Most Valuable Professional (MVP) recognition. She has 6+ years of experience as IT professional, freelancer & entrepreneur. She is currently working on her entrepreneur venture, AsmaKart . Follow her on Twitter @asmak .
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