What does it mean to empower IT?
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We’re excited to share a new animated video depicting common endpoint management tasks as they would unfold in a Microsoft Managed Desktop environment.

You’ve probably been waiting for this if you’ve seen our explainer videos sharing how we deliver on our service promises of fantastic device experiences and expert security monitoring.

This 4-minute “day in the life” narrative, gives you a glimpse of how Microsoft Managed Desktop empowers IT pros to add value to core business objectives.

Whether you’re a seasoned endpoint manager or a curious business professional, we think you’ll enjoy getting to know Remy, an IT pro responsible for provisioning, maintaining, protecting, and supporting more than 5,000 user devices in an enterprise environment.

How will Remy address the urgent requirements of stakeholders throughout the organization? How does Microsoft Managed Desktop streamline the effort?

You’ll have to watch the video.


Careful observers may also notice a few Easter eggs. Okay, more than a few. The IT experts in our engineering organization were deeply involved at every stage of production, and suffice it to say, we had fun putting this together.

What was your favorite part of the narrative? Did you catch any Easter eggs? Are there other scenarios you’d like to see Remy resolve in a future narrative? Please leave comments so our engineers know you appreciate their creativity and sense of humor.

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