Office International October Competition Summary and Winners

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From October 12th to October 26th we ran a contest in our Office International Community in search of the top language issues in localized versions of Sway. We wanted people to discover how cool Sway is, use it in their native language and let us know about issues that affected their user experience.
We were giving away 3 X $100 Amazon voucher to the top 3 contributors in three categories: 


  • Category 1 - Highest creation of new, original posts 
  • Category 2 - Best new, original post 
  • Category 3- New, original post with largest international impact


Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter our competition. We really appreciate the time you took to report issues to us. We can now proudly announce our three winners:


  • Mourad Louha from Germany wins category 1 for his 19 issues reported.
  • Jorgen Koch from Denmark wins category 2 for his reporting of a gender inconsistency in Danish Sway for the word "this".
  • And finally, Japanese native speaker Kazuto Shibata wins category 3 for his reporting of a bad layout bug.

 Congratulations and well done to our winners!


large comp.jpg 



Quick summary of our Competitions Dashboard:
Below is a Power BI Dashboard that summarizes all the feedback we received during the competition. At the top it shows who the competitions contributors were, how many bugs they each reported, the languages they were reported in and the type of issue reported. Competition entrants can also see the status of what they reported by clicking on the bug row in the table at the bottom and the comment for that bug will appear in the top left.
Most of the bugs have been implemented in our localised files. Depending on the platform builds with those new translations and fixes should be live in the next product update. That could be anything from 1 week to 4 weeks’ time.

There is one outstanding item from the competition that will take a while to be get a decision on. Our entrants told us we should translate the Sway Templates (Start from a template) & Sway examples (Get inspired by a featured sway). This request is now sitting with our Business Planning who are looking into it. Once we get a final decision on it I will let folks in our community know.


Thanks to everyone who entered the competition and congratulations to the winners! We will have another competition on Monday November 13th that will be focused on Office web applications. Please let anyone you feel that may be interested know about our next competition and ask them to join our Office International Community when you see it advertised on Tech Community.


Office International Community Competitions Power BI Dashboard:



PS If you really want to know what is going on in the Power BI Dashboard above then read on..

The columns in the table of the Power BI Dashboard are hopefully not too difficult to understand. But just in case here are some definitions: Bug ( post title), Raised by (the person who reported it), Product Name (Sway in this case), Area (e.g. User Interface or Templates or Articles), Hyperlink (a URL link to the original post in the Tech Community). The ones that probably need explanation are O365, Office 2013, Office 2016, Cross language and Content:


  • O365 means the bug applies to Office 365 subscription customers.
  • Office 2013 means the bug applies to Office 2013 perpetual customers and we consider it important enough to fix it in those files also. It does not apply in the case of Sway which is a Windows 10 Application or Web service and not part of the Office 2013 suite.
  • Office 2016 means the bug applies to Office 2016 perpetual customers and we consider important enough to fix it in those files also. It does not apply in the case of Sway which is a Windows 10 Application or Web service and not part of the Office 2016 suite.
  • Cross language means we are checking for this bug across other languages.
  • Content means the bug is in our help or content rather than the software itself
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Hi there,


thank you very much, happy to be part of the winners and happy, the feedback was helpful :)

And, big like for the Power BI report :)




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I also want to thank you for the prize—always glad to help!





Hi Mourad & Jorgen - Thanks for entering and congratulations on winning your prizes! I will send them to you this week. Regards, Stafford

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Join us for the November contest


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