On June 12th, 2018, Microsoft released Office 365 for Mac Version 16.14.18061000 in 27 languages. Our Office International team was responsible for translating this release and for implementing the much improved translator feature on the MAC platform. You will see the following features when you update to it….


Break the language barrier: In Excel, PowerPoint & Word you can now translate into another language with Microsoft Translator. The Translator functionality has been given a complete overhaul. Our team were instrumental in making this a reality! The translator now supports 63 languages. Its performance is much improved. The translation quality it produces is the best it ever has been and it will continue to improve over time. You can now also translate entire Office documents. 

 Want to have a closer look? Then check out this video and read the support article 


LTranslator mac.pngearning Tools improve readability: Give your eyes a rest in Word. Adjust text spacing, column width, and page colour. Or listen as Word reads your document aloud, highlighting text as it's read.


Fill data in a flash: Give Flash Fill a few examples, and it will fill your data for you in Excel.


Create a signature people remember : Express yourself with rich font styles, colours, images, links, and more in Outlook when creating your signature.


Add visual impact: Bring visual interest to your documents, worksheets, presentations, and messages by inserting Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that have filters applied to them.


Hyperlinks in living colours: Hyperlinks aren't just blue anymore. Apply any font colour you like.


More information and help content on this release can be found in the Mac section of the What's New in Office 365 page. Our team also localises the content on in 37 languages. If you ever have a suggestions (translation or otherwise) on how to make localised versions of Office 365 for Mac or better, then please start a conversation here and we will look into it.
Office 365 for Mac ships in the following 27 languages:


  1. Arabic
  2. Chinese (Simplified)
  3. Chinese (Traditional)
  4. Czech
  5. Danish
  6. Dutch
  7. English
  8. Finnish
  9. French
  10. German
  11. Greek
  12. Hebrew
  13. Hungarian
  14. Indonesian
  15. Italian
  16. Japanese
  17. Korean
  18. Norwegian (Bokmal)
  19. Polish
  20. Portuguese
  21. Portuguese Brazilian
  22. Russian
  23. Slovak
  24. Spanish
  25. Swedish
  26. Thai
  27. Turkish