Our Office International team worked hard with the Office365 Marketing team recently to localise the English Microsoft365 blog other languages for the first time. Below is the full list of languages, the markets served and the corresponding URLs.

If you ever have a suggestions (translation or otherwise) on how to make localised versions of Microsoft365 blog better, then please start a conversation here and we will look into it.




Language (market) URL
Arabic (International) 
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) 
Chinese (Simplified, China) 

(Traditional, Hong Kong SAR) 

Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) 
Croatian (Croatia)
Czech (Czechia) 
Danish (Denmark) 
Dutch (Belgium) 
Dutch (Netherlands) 
English (Australia) 
English (Canada) 
English (India)
English (Ireland) 
English (International) 
English (New Zealand)
English (Malaysia) 
English (South Africa) 
English (Singapore) 
English (United Kingdom) 
English (United States)
Estonian (Estonia) 
Finnish (Finland) 
French (Belgium) 
French (Canada) 
French (International) 
French (France) 
French (Switzerland) 
German (Austria) 
German (Germany) 
German (Switzerland) 
Greek (Greece) 
Hebrew (Israel) 
Hungarian (Hungary) 
Indonesian (Indonesia) 
Italian (Italy) 
Japanese (Japan) 
Korean (Korea) 
Latvian (Latvia) 
Lithuanian (Lithuania) 
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) 
Polish (Poland)
Portuguese (Brazil) 
Portuguese (Portugal) 
Romanian (Romania) 
Russian (Russia) 
Serbian (Latin, Serbia) 
Slovak (Slovakia) 
Slovenian (Slovenia) 
Spanish (Spain) 
Spanish (International) 
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Colombia) 
Spanish (Chile) 
Spanish (Argentina) 
Swedish (Sweden) 
Thai (Thailand) 
Turkish (Turkey) 
Ukrainian (Ukraine) 
Vietnamese (Vietnam) 

That's great news for the international community. The blog is an incredible source of information and I'm pleasantly surprised it was finally localised! Well done! (ask Vincent whether it should be "Courier", "email" or "courriel" ;) )


Hi @Eric Paquin Glad you like it! You can thank Ned Kavanagh. I think Vincent has stated for your Canadian compatriots :) it should be "courriel".