If you want an easy way (using Outlook) to see what is posted on the Office International community then read on....
In Outlook | Right click on RSS Subscriptions 

Inkedright click rss subs_LI.jpg

And add a new a RSS Feed

 Add a new rss feed.png



 On seeing the "New RSS Feed dialog box...Enter then new RSS Feed URLs for Office International on Tech Community:


New RSS feed dialog.png



You should now see all new conversations to date in those rss feeds as they come in.


RSS subscriptions.png



You can do this for any community on Tech Community.
Below I am subscribing Education community board.
I go into the Education board and click on the conversations dropdown and then I choose "Subscribe to RSS feed".

It will then appear in your RSS subscriptions


EDU board.png


One small addition. For TechCommunity it could be worth to change in default RSS feed URL from

... rss/board? to .../rss/boardmessages?

which allows to see not only new conversations started but replies as well.  As an example of full URL


Hi @Sergei Baklan this is a great tip! Thanks for sharing it! Staff